Friday, March 29, 2013


Originally we were going to wait until retirement to redo our antique furniture into the fresh Shabby Chic look.  After seeing so many wonderful shabby chic projects on your blogs - I convinced my hubby it was time now to go for it. We did the drying rack over my kitchen sink with Vintage White which is the color we are using most:

This is one of three what-not-shelves my
husband has been working on and the easiest one to do:  

 The piece had a black finish on it like a Victorian ebony I am sure - very, very old but we didn't have to sand it.  It stands by my front door.  We don't live in a big house so our furniture is scaled smaller.  If you have a huge house and entrance foyer this would look ridiculous but it works here in my small foyer. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013


We have been on a roll of transformation at our house -  a painting shabby chic roll!  It is so exciting to begin with a new fresh look.  We have the kitchen cleared out to allow room where a number of projects are in process. 

 This is the first of three  "what not shelves" we have worked on with Cece Caldwell Chalk Paints.  Two more are in process along with numerous other pieces of furniture. 

 We are using the Annie Sloan brushes to paint with which are round and work well. Hubby is doing most of the work.   After they are painted, then they are distressed  (we are going with a light distress) and then they are waxed and buffed.   Earlier in the week, I posted our 1st piece, the buffet that my husband  painted very light pink.

Also - another paint job - a simple plate rack 
that sits
 on the kitchen counter.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Do you remember the line in White Christmas where Bing Crosby says to Danny Kay: "pushing, pushing" because Danny is trying to push him into a relationship with Rosemary Clooney?  Well, I have been "pushing-pushing-pushing" my hubby for quite a while to start turning our furniture into "shabby chic" and to create more of a cottage feeling in our home. 

 Much of what I have had going on in my house goes back to the Jewel Tone Embrace of the late 80's.  At that time it was a love for Victorian and the deep colors of royalty. My kitchen buffet below I bought years back when a darling shop closed nearby and I purchased their golden display piece. Well...change has come:

The color is very light pink.

Back in the late 60's  we learned to refinish antiques it was truly the hard way. You had to use this stuff called "strip-ese" and believe me - it burned like crazy on your skin.  However, shabby chic and especially the chalk paint idea is really easy by comparison.  This is our first shabby chic chalk paint project.  This was the look before which was very Victorian:

  We kept the painting of angels on the inside of the 2 doors and my perfectionistic husband painted all inside the piece and even the back which had never been fully painted.

We watched a lot of tutorial videos over and over on line and then we jumped right in (yes - I painted too!) and did the buffet with chalk paint.  We did settle on Ce Ce Caldwell paints because my husband has a lot of allergy issues.  We painted in the kitchen and there was NO ODOR AT ALL!  This is Portland Rose over a first coat of Vintage White.  I also liked the made in America part as most everything we buy now seems to come from China.    

My husband is willing to redo more of our vintage and antique pieces so there will be more show and tell to come! We have quite a few pieces in process.  I am so excited as I am ready for a new "fresh" but still "old" look.  I can't wait to see those corner curios changed - and the kitchen table and the book case and the tea cart and..........we better get busy.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have been running behind this year - I usually have all my spring and Easter things out sooner.  We are always running in lots of directions and I think I lost track of time.

I really admire all the beautiful crystal and china table settings I see on other blogs - glorious indeed.  But for me - I guess I painfully into whimsy for Easter.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Me thinks that I might smile,
If I visit the Irish Isle.
When I gets to go -
I will let you know!

Silly Bernideen

I am celebrating my 
1,000th post today.

This morning I baked some Irish Scones for my Bernideen's Tea Time Blog and set up a little tea.  These scones have apple and raisin in them and the recipe came from a site I found on line that is wonderful called Little Shamrocks and you can find lots of great recipes there.  This recipe was originally from Claridge's Hotel in London and called IRISH RAISIN-APPLE SCONES.

Please sit here by the window and have a cup of tea and a scone - I have some English Clotted Cream for you that you will  love.  I don't think the Irish will mind. The tablecloth was made for me by my Grandmother who loved to embroider.  Since it is a rather bright green - it is perfect for St. Patrick's day.  I also recently found the little green doily to match....

I hope this week this 
a good one for you.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hello to all my tea loving friends and those who share a passion for collecting teacup and saucers, teapots, and the like!

  Last weekend I was out antiquing and picked up some English teacups and saucers at reasonable prices.  I decided to keep three and sell the rest at my shop. 

 I also found an English Sadler teapot and this lovely pink tulip cross stitch table topper.   One of my cup and saucers has the same pattern as the teapot.  Another topper I found is pink embroidered clover with little blue flowers.

I love old linens and frequently find them.  They come in many different color themes and include seasonal ones, 50's printed styles, embroidered florals and fruits, appliqued teacup/teapot motifs and then plain or solid color embroidery and cutwork ones too!  You can layer them over other table cloths, etc.  Even card tables look lovely with linens.  Like my grandmother, many women in the 50's sat and watched televison and embroidered.