Saturday, May 31, 2014


  I recently participated in a card exchange through the Facebook Group "Afternoon  Tea Across America" for Victoria Day. This was for the celebration and remembrance of Queen Victoria.  I am sharing a darling little Queen Elizabeth I hardboiled egg cozy that was one of the tuck ins in a card from Vicki Schell of Florida.  The card was one of many I received - all wonderful - from Angela Matthews of Washington.  And of course I'm sharing my own teapot I had made special years ago:

Monday, May 26, 2014


My garden is mostly just green.  Green isn't bad though.  It is a whole lot prettier than brown which is what it was a few months ago.  So let's just be happy with green. Some of the plants are still restoring themselves from the snow we had on Mother's Day.  The clematis are creating new blooms replacing the ones that were frozen off.  

I have made a bouquet of some lovely lilacs.  My lilacs have a lot of dead areas we will be pruning out.  I notice other people have this problem too.  I think a later blooming lilac would be wiser here.

There was a lot of hail and rain last week so Pikes Peak has a great deal of fresh snow on it.  At 14,000 feet the rain became snow.

Last year I found a lovely embroidered lilac rectangular tablecloth for $6.00 which I thought was an amazing price.  I have set up my table with that lilac tablecloth and another lilac topper and some old vintage lavender table cloths.

Please pour yourself a cup of Ginger Peach Tea and have a seat in the shade of the Colorado Blue Spruce:

Today is "Tea In The Garden" which means you are invited to post anything about tea linking that post from your blog below.  I am sure many of you are ready to do an actual "garden" tea time posting which is wonderful!  By the way, thank you for participating!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


From:  Facebook The Homespun Wife:

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Yesterday while visiting the antique shops of Florence, Colorado, I found a couple pair of vintage bookends for my bookshelves.  One set is a pair of crinoline ladies and the other looks like George and Martha Washington:

Here is the overall effect of the cookbooks and tea books:

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TEA IN THE GARDEN: "Victoria Day Tea"

Welcome to my first "Tea In The Garden" which I will be having each week and I hope many of you garden loving and tea loving bloggers will participate by linking your post at the bottom.

  It is a lovely day for Tea In The Garden and we are celebrating the exit of our snowy days!  We are honoring Queen Victoria today with my tea time celebration.  I am very fond of the memories of her and her reign and influence on tea time.  Let's celebrate.

I decided that my Victorian tipping teapot was appropriate for this time shared in the garden.  Please pour yourself a cup of tea.  Pick whichever tea cup you would like!  I especially love my tea cups and saucers and the fun of collecting them.  I am also fond of vintage linens and crochet pieces.  It is no secret that I adore Beatrix Potter and that is why I have a small Beatrix Potter Cottage Garden.  Of course our season is really behind everyone else's since we just had snow May 11th!

We have a Mother's Day frost date in Colorado and it snowed on Mother's Day all day long and into Monday.   I think it is never too late to learn things but I seem to be relearning that "don't plant too early thing" again!   Perhaps later blooming lilacs and tulips would do better here as the snow gets them every time.

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Below is a new Hand Painted English Tea Cup and an old antique strainer I recently found:

I have a new Hedgehog in the garden too!

Please have a wonderful week:

Monday, May 19, 2014


The past few weeks we have taken on several projects.
  I haven't had as much time to post on my blog.

For some time I have lived with my tea books just stacked on the floor in the bedroom and cookbooks down in the basement and not very conveniently handy.   Well, after some switching things around and trading out some store displayers I have finally gotten my own 3 bookshelves for them. I am like a little kid in a candy shop!

 My husband was busy earlier this week painting all three shelves with Vintage White CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint. Of course it always takes longer to do these projects than you think it is going too! After you paint them they are waxed.  The more pieces and parts - the longer it takes.  I am excited to be organized again.  Don't you just love it when you can find what you're looking for?  In 47 years of marriage this is the first time I had nice shelves for my own cookbooks, garden books, tea books, etc.

I have grouped the books together according to topic and have garden and decorating books together too.  I am going to love just being able to walk up and actually find the one I'm looking for!  

  I have some seasonal cookbooks just for Thanksgiving and Christmas and have room for them now on these shelves.  This is wonderful.  Goody - goody - goody!  Can you tell how excited I am?  Of course - now I have no excuse:  What's for dinner?

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Monday, May 12, 2014

A TEA TRAY ON THE BED for "Friends Sharing Tea"

The plan as I recall was to start "Tea In The Garden" this week - you know like other years.  I would go out and set up tea and take pictures and so would you and you would link up your lovely posting so we could share with each other.  That was before a snow storm was due to come over the mountains.  Right now there are boxes over some plants and blankets over some and the rest are left to fend for themselves. It snowed all day yesterday and more is expected today.

So I have decided to set up a little tea time tray on the guest bed.  I know the red tulips don't exactly match but I went for it anyway.

And outside the wind howls: (photo yesterday)

So glad it is nice and warm in here:

Before it started snowing yesterday morning I was able to quickly pick a few blooms - I do feel sorry for those poor flowers outside.

Help yourself to a sugar cookie as I 
 had time to bake today.  I've already had too many!

I do hope you will join me for "Friends Sharing Tea" and if you were able to do a "Tea In The Garden" that would be lovely!  Just link below but please make your post about tea in some fashion.  I am early getting this done since I had extra indoor time to do it on Sunday.

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