Friday, June 17, 2022


 I want to have a little tea time by the hollyhocks before they are gone.

I set up a little table for our tea time
and chose a teapot I haven't used for
a while.  When I closed my shop years
ago I kept some pieces that I could use for
 my own tea parties.  I'd rather not use my
vintage English pieces for group type
teas in case of accidents.

  Because they are kept inside a cabinet, I
 tend to forget about some of these that are 
from China but are lovely too.

I don't remember making Hollyhocks
dolls myself as a kid. This video shows
you how.  I do remember that on the playground we made
 buttercup rings
 for our hair.

Hollyhocks love this humid heat
 but it also causes them to
 bloom quickly and be done. 
They certainly are reflective
 of times 
gone by.

Next week we could go over 100 degrees.
I am sure you are saying, no thank you.

Do you drink hot tea in the summer?

So, I could say all the usual things here
like "stay cool" and "stay indoors".  I did
catch a sale from Hoffman Media and have
lots of wonderful publications to read. 

 I hope you will 
consider my
 photo magazine
 publication this 
summer available 

Thursday, June 9, 2022


 This week I did a lot of thinning of things out in the garden.  I also made some discoveries that I had some  hydrangea bushes from a
 few years ago that I rooted from leaves (I watched a YouTube video) and then dug the little bushes up and moved them to get just a little more sun. 

 This type of hydrangea hates the summer heat here and is only blooming because for the most part, it hasn't been that hot.  Unfortunately, next week it is supposed to go into the 90's so things will be changing.

The Hollyhocks are just starting to bloom.

The garden is transcending from spring
to summer now and although very
green.....not so many flowers yet.

Saturday, June 4, 2022


 I just can't let this week go by without
a tribute "Tea In The Garden" to Queen
Elizabeth II for her 70th Platinum Jubilee.

It is a beautiful day and has been really
lovely all week with totally tolerable
weather unlike the 3 days of above
90 degrees last week.

I am sharing my cups and saucers
that show the progression of Kings
and Queens after Queen Victoria who
I am very fond of so just as a reminder
I present Queen Victoria and
 Prince Albert.  I have a collection
of these pieces that were sold at
the Great Exhibition in 1851.

After Queen Victoria's reign with Prince
Albert, her son Edward VII became the next King joined by Queen Alexandria , followed by George V and Queen Mary  and then
 King Edward VIII who abdicated the throne.  A younger brother George VI became King and was married to Queen Elizabeth 
 and then Queen Elizabeth II became
 Queen in 1953 joined by Prince Philip.

I only have one cup and saucer
 of each King and Queen.

I made some cupcakes using a cake recipe
I tried a while back.  The cake wrappers were
a gift a long time back from another blogger
Judith Rogers from Ontario. 

I love my Victorian tipping teapot I have
had for many years as I purchased it in
Houston, Texas years ago.

My garden is transcending right
 now as spring flowering is over 
and summer flowering
is just getting started.

This has certainly been a busy week
for the Queen and I hope she gets lots
of rest now that the festivities are
 coming to a close.  I hope I listed the
royalty correctly but If not - let me know
 and I will correct it.

Also, I hope you will check out my
magazine publication on MagCloud.

After admiring and purchasing Carolyn Aiken's many 
publications for years, I decided to try one which for a 73 year old woman was really a challenge to the brain.
Miraculously, I got it done.