Tuesday, September 25, 2018


We are so happy to experience lower
temperatures here in Missouri.

There isn't a lot of visual evidence of fall
yet in my yard.  I dread all the leaves that
will be falling across the back of our
yard but that hasn't happened yet.

I have found myself saying these things
late: "I think I'll bake some brownies."  Well, I did do that yesterday!  I have also said "I think  I'll make some gingerbread" and "I think I'll bake a pumpkin pie."   It's a good thing I'm at 8 weeks now of walking an hour a day.  

I do have these lovely brownies and I have
shared a link to Brenda's recipe before and 
 can get it here in the link if you like.

The teapot is a very old lusterware
English Sadler.

We might even get some rain tonight
and that would be wonderful.

I just saw this video maker in
my photo editing so I decided
to try it.  I never understand
these things but if they
work - sure!

I hope you have a lovely week!

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Just sharing a few tea cozies
 I just listed

This fabric below is from the late Designer
Pierre Deux and is "La Fidelite"
Chinoiserie Linen Toile. 
 Is is very special.


Happy Saturday!

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Today I am sharing one of my
tea cozies I just got made:

The percale fabric is an olive green with big
cabbage roses. This is a large cozy which
would fit an 8 cup teapot or one that
holds around 48 Oz's of tea.

 I wish I had roses in my
garden right now but I seem to be the "Queen
of Zinnia's" if there is such a title!

If you are interested in
a tea cozy:  click here!

I also have other
 sizes in this

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

THOUGHTS OF FALL for "Tea In The Garden"

Welcome to a little tea time outdoors
where we are loving our cooler weather.

I am happy to see fall finally coming
along.  I love to bake so the idea
of muffins and pumpkin related goodies
thrills my heart.

I have been pulling out all my fall 
related recipes.  That means anything with
 apples of course.  Also, there will always be
 lots of hot tea to enjoy and especially
 the flavors
with all the spices.

And what would fall be without
more enjoyable weather.  Yes,  we
certainly are ready for that here
in Missouri.  Just being able to 
sit outside and have a cup of tea 
is delightful!

Will you be planting any bulbs this fall?
I just purchased some for my garden.

I hope you have a lovely week
and enjoy some of pleasures of fall!
I am participating at:
Share Your Cup

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Hello dear blogging friends!
Are you thinking fall yet?  It
is still plenty hot in Missouri but
yesterday I did begin taking out
fall decorations, etc.

I usually change this armoire several times
over the summer but this time I just
left my chintz out on display all summer.

 Last Saturday I invited 3 ladies for lunch.
These are ladies I met through blogging
and Facebook before I ever moved to
Missouri and they are great fun!

I made a new tablecloth with some French
Pierre Deux fabric I found on Ebay.

New Friends:  Karen,  Janice and Gina

I also am happy to have my Quartz
kitchen counters done and a new
under mount sink.

 It seems the popularity 
of the link party has diminished. 
So with that I have decided
not do link parties anymore.


I will continue to check out other
bloggers and also hope you will
continue to come visit me!  I 
want to thank each of you who
have faithfully participated here
for a very long time!