Saturday, October 27, 2018


Today was a lovely sunny fall day and
perfect to go with friends Janice and
Gina to see some shops "up the road".

It was fun visiting the Randolph Mercantile
in Moberly, Missouri and the Weathervane
Antique mall in Macon.

We had a little foretaste of Thanksgiving
as we shared a piece of Pumpkin Cheesecake
after a lovely lunch in Macon.

This was a darling little
 house we passed by
on our way out of Macon:

There were two Heritage Lace older mantle
scarfs and Gina was buying one in a small
antique shop so I took the other and
now I put it on the mantle in the tea
room downstairs.  We thought 
they were a bargain at $10.00 each.

Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

Monday, October 15, 2018


One day last week we had what
ended up being a tail end of the season
warm day.  I was out picking up some
first of the season fallen leaves that had
landed around our koi/goldfish pond.
There are just a few 
impatients blooming now

The other assignment I gave myself was
to catch one last frog and get him out
of the pond and relocate him down 
the road a ways.  I finally got him.

As I walked near the pond in front of
the water feature I nearly fainted.  Yes,
a snake came slithering out in front of me
and crossed the pond.  

Obviously I don't have a photo of that
moment but I do have one in my head
because I felt like Indiana Jones in the
"Raiders of The Lost Ark".  You see, I
don't like snakes.  I am sorry but I am
horrified.  Needless to say,  he immediately
went down between some rocks to hide 
from my unfriendly face.

The water in the pond has since turned
pretty cold and the fish have gone down
lower but continue to slowly swim around.
Someone reading this may not know
 that the fish hardly move at all when it
gets colder and remain totally still at
the bottom in a comatose position when 
the top freezes over later this winter.

So as we prepare for winter we are
putting our gardening tools away.
 I have looked at the projected weather
forecast and see this week we might still
 have a couple of 60 degree days.  Time to
 take everything out around my potting
table in the garage and clean it all
out.  I will be making up ziplock
bags with garden seeds I have saved
to use as gifts and to sell in my booth
 at Midway.

And I shall be drinking
lots of hot tea and finishing
up on rereading all the older
issues of October Victoria's. 

 How are your fall
 preparations going?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Today was such a busy day but late in
the afternoon my thoughts turned
toward baking a pumpkin pie.

I found a moment to just enjoy a cup of hot
tea and eat some yummy pie.  It was
pouring buckets of rain outside so this
was the perfect time for hot tea.

We had to drive to Kansas City this morning 
and noticed the first indication of
 the leaves
beginning to turn.

With tremendous rain today,  I 
expect we will see some flooding
from the Missouri River.

I never get everything done - do you?  
I so wanted to make some Strawberry
Preserves this summer but that didn't

Yesterday we pruned many things in our
yard but not everything got done.

The book I'm showing here is:
Tasha Tudor's Garden.

We gathered a small harvest
of some tomatoes that were
ready to be picked.  They
sure tasted better than the ones
from the market!

Saturday, October 6, 2018


I just listed some new
brown toile tea cozies

And some lovely large lace ones:

Hope you can take a peek!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


The garden is almost deplete of flowers this
week.  I pulled up the zinnias and cosmos and
many other annuals.  I could have enjoyed
them yet for a few weeks but somehow
 that work would still be looming.

It seemed like a lovely day to take a
break and enjoy a cup of tea after
making one last bouquet.

No matter where you live - summers are
always different.  We didn't have enough
rain in Missouri.  I felt sorry for the
farmers who needed rain for their corn.

Even last evening I still saw some 
hummingbirds zipping about.
Last year they were all gone by
this time.

You see some of the remaining flowers 
 my garden by looking at this bouquet.

I have enjoyed this bittersweet teaset
now for quite a few years....

When a new month starts I love to
see the artwork for that month
done by Edith

Please pour yourself a cup
of Cinnamon Spice tea.


This summer we got accustomed to
being hot so now that the weather
is a little cooler - we know, we will
be colder this winter.