Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Yesterday, August 28th is the day 
that Tasha Tudor would have turned 103
 years old.  The children's book illustrator
 passed away in 2008.  So we are celebrating 
with a little tea time in her honor.

  This is probably the reason I loved this
old English Bone China cup and saucer!
Come summer, Tasha's fields are full
 of beautiful
wild Vermont lupines.

I was totally smitten with Tasha Tudor
back in the early 90's when I saw pictures
of her Vermont garden.  I dreamed of
those foxgloves she said she watered with
"goat manure tea" as she called it.

To learn about Tasha Tudor you
might like to visit HERE.

Many people love the story about
 Tasha and her life for different  reasons. 
 I understand that because some have
 farm animals and relate to her love 
accordingly.  I don't have animals.  I also
don't do all the things that Tasha did but
I do some of the things.  She was interested
in lots of things and so am I.  I think she
really loved to learn how to make things
with her hands.

We are over by the pond here:

It was Tasha Tudor's garden
that left me speechless!

These little cottage pieces remind
 me of Tasha and I know how she loved 
tulip bulbs for spring!

I have quite a few posts from years back
about Tasha Tudor but I will only
 direct you to
this one from 2009.  Others are
listed way at the bottom of this page
under Tasha Tudor.

So this tea today is a tribute to Tasha Tudor
and her memory and life.  I have many of
the children's books she illustrated but I
enjoy the books about her simple lifestyle most:

Tasha Tudor
 August 28, 1915 - June 18, 2008

I hope you tea bloggers will
join my link party today!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A NEW TEA COZY for "Tea In The Garden"

Today I am sharing a new tea cozy
 I just made from some French
  Pierre Deux La Fidelite
 Chinoiserie Toile:

I love the color and also made
 myself a new kitchen
tablecloth and will later 
make chair cushions.
I will share those another time!

So let's enjoy a cup of tea!

I also made one of those
copy cat recipes for

We are so happy to have gotten some rain in the last few days.  Our state has been in a drought.

I find it hard to believe that kids are back
in school.  It also makes me a little sad
that the hummingbirds will be leaving
next month.  I have enjoyed watching
them go from Zinnia to Zinnia in our
yard.  I just looked out and saw one
at the hummingbird feeder.

I think Zinnias are my new favorite 
hot weather flower for Missouri!

Friday, August 17, 2018


Just sharing a few photos
 of August
garden time:

There were a few lilac buds
was very shocking!

I tried to get a shot of
the goldfinches but they
flew off as soon as
I arrived.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


It was rainy yesterday and
 hopefully it 
will continue for
the next few days!  Missouri
has been in a drought so I am
very happy about rain!

So,  down in the basement tea room
we go to enjoy a cup of tea this
morning.  You can pick your
own teapot too.

This year I realized that Zinnias
are the most heat tolerate flower
in the garden.

You probably already know this but
Old Country Roses has been referred
to as the most beloved pattern
all time....

There was a short period of time
that they produced a chintz pattern.

I think OCR is especially lovely
at Christmas Time.

I hope you have had a good summer.
The children and teenagers returned to
 school here in Missouri yesterday. 
 I grew up in Virginia where we never went
back to school until after Labor Day.
  Of course, we got out for summer break
much later though too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A CROWN DORSET TEAPOT for "Tea In The Garden"

A few months ago we were in Ozark, Missouri where we found lots of antique malls.  I found this lovely Crown Dorset teapot which is my favorite brand of English Teapot!

This of course is the
 Summertime Rose

We had great fun antiquing in Ozark
 and look forward to going back.  
I am so glad I have a husband that
 enjoys doing the things I do, although
 we definitely look at different
things as we go along.  

Last evening I suddenly remembered I
hadn't done this post.  I wish I could
say I had just been having "too much fun
yesterday and forgot" but since I had 
spent almost 4 hours in the 
dentist chair,  that was not the case.

I could have never gotten this done if I hadn't done the bouquet already and
left the tea things by the downstairs
sliding glass door.....

I hope you are enjoying your summer
as it is flying by so quickly and soon
fall will be upon us.  We have gotten
so accustomed to hot weather that
we believe we will feel very chilled
when it is cooler.