Friday, July 15, 2011


Welcome to Tea in the Garden 

I love having you join me this morning for a tea in my garden honoring Beatrix Potter.  Lately I have been enjoying reviewing my older issues of Victoria and especially this August 1988 issue which featured Beatrix and Hilltop Farm....come sit a little while in the morning shadows of my garden and remember Beatrix.....

We had our usual July wild hail storm this week so the garden got a little shredded....

I have set up a little Peter Rabbit Tea Table for us with all of Beatrix Potter's "friends".  I also have about 6 squirrel friends running about here this morning begging  for nuts...   Have you seen the movie "Miss Potter"- you would love it! I also enjoyed reading "Miss Potter's Journal" which I also have out this morning.

I know that many of you have the older issues of Victoria and enjoy them - this issue was the first "regular monthly" publication as at first Victoria was only published quarterly.....

You see the journal I spoke of and an out of print book I love "At Home with Beatrix Potter". 

I know many of you have had the delight of visiting Hilltop Farm and many of my customers have been there.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


 Welcome to Tea in the Garden.  I hope you can take some time out of your busy schedule to rest a while in my garden!  We have had some rain this week and things are finally "wet". In fact, I haven't seen it rain like this since last year and I hope it helps prevent
the fire danger in Colorado!

 This morning I set up a little vignette on my patio using a very old Victorian table I purchased years ago in Rockford, Illinois.  It is covered with vintage pieces of china and I do love it!  Some of you may recognize the Claire Murray rug as I used to sell those about 15 years ago. 

Please have a seat and pour yourself
some delicious tea.

This week my Missouri day lilies have just begun to bloom!  My daughter-in-law gave them to me!  Since my garden is only 2 years
ago, I get very excited about everything
that comes along.

I have a tiny tree in the corner on which only 2 branches appear to be grafted on - cherry tree branches.  I always wonder if the original owner of our house had a son who was boy scout who needed to do this for a badge! Not enough for a pie but plenty for the birds.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I recently found a darling bench at an antique mall and hope you can sit and enjoy the view of my garden!

I have shared my Friendship Teapot in the past and will always cherish it!

We no longer have a real dog which is one reason we now have a "real garden" I have a large china dog for ambiance here.

Last weekend I also found a lovely hand painted Iris Plate and a crochet doily at a nearby antique mall.  I have always been drawn to ecru colored linens whereas most of my friends love the white pieces.

The lavender textile bedcover is very old as well as the Ecru Battenberg Lace Curtain piece.

I especially enjoy the older issues of Victoria Magazine and have some July issues on the bench.   They celebrate summer as it should be - a slower pace with time to smell the flowers and feast on lovely visual photos.