Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Merry Christmas from Missouri!  Hope you
have a wonderful Christmas week!

Thursday, December 19, 2019


Yesterday my Missouri friends
 and I got together for a progressive 
luncheon.  (Janice came up with the idea)
We started a Gina's lovely Victorian
home with true Victorian furnishings
(Karen, Janice and Gina above while
I am taking photos)

At Gina's we had lovely hot cider and appetizers.....

We so admire all her lovely things.

There were lots of beautiful trees to view:

This is actually me at my house which 
was our second stop.  My hair has very 
recently grown  back after experiencing auto
immune alopecia areatia in the summer
of 2018.   I now have grey hair and was
told not to use coloring but I am just
glad to have hair and put the wig away.

And the ladies:

I fed them the savory part of our lunch and 
forgot to take photos of course!

Now on to our French loving gal's house:

Janice's living room is formal and she loves to make things down in her basement "where I create room":

We exchanged gifts and enjoyed
celebrating Karen's December birthday:

Karen collects lusterware like
Tasha Tudor had and Gina
gave her some for her birthday:

We were very happy to consume
1/2 of Janice's delicious coconut cake:

Such a fun day!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Last year I made 5 shabby chic
 decorations for my tree and this year
 I finished 5 new ones and a topper.

We have a little area to the side
and part of our kitchen called a
Hearth Room and that is where
the tree stands.

These are the ornaments I added
 this year and the tree topper which
is my tribute to the birth of Jesus.

Two are a tribute to
 Queen Victoria
and Albert and I
also added some
Victorian candle clips.

Time to clean up the crafting
mess downstairs.
And like you too, I will be doing my
share of baking now....

Have you enjoyed some crafting,
baking and decorating?  I got to
my crafting rather late as it had to wait
until tea cozies were made first but I
am glad I made some new tree ornaments.

Monday, December 16, 2019


Hello again on Monday morning.

I will share some more of the photos I
took yesterday and this "new to me"
English Currier and Ives teapot I
recently purchased.

Someone here just might remember back
when I found this old lithograph in
Fort Collins, Colorado years ago
and shared it on this blog.

Here is a close up of some of the
very old vintage and antique
garland pieces on the tree:

I have a mess in my basement right now as
I am making 5 ornaments and a topper to
add to my Christmas tree.  Glitter abounds on
the tabletop and floor.  I also have some
serious preparations to do as some friends
are coming over Wednesday for our "progressive luncheon" to 3 of the homes.  Our 4th lady friend lives in Fulton so she is joining the rest of us.

Yes, I am a bit of of a teapot queen as of 
late as I acquired these 2 teapots too.
One is a Jackfield English teapot on the
top with a gold painted deer and the
other is a commemorate 1897 Queen
Victoria Jubilee teapot from England.

My kitchen window and our
recent snow yesterday and today:

So I hope you are enjoying the season
and all the blessings of baking,
decorating and fellowshipping!

And take time for tea:

Sunday, December 15, 2019


I am sharing some photos
 of Christmastime
decorating here at our cottage:

I am very fond of Nicol Sayre angels:

We always look forward to getting out
my husband's Mom's German nativity
which is very old.

Our tree is a work in progress as I am presently
gluing up a topper and some new ornaments.
My mail lady asked me this week "do you know
you have glitter all over your face"?

These were the ornaments I made last year and
now I am working on some new ones to add.

I also made a new angel ornament
last week playing at crafting:

I will share some 
more photos this 
coming week.

I always love seeing the red
transferware at Christmastime:

I will close with a view of our lovely weather today:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


I found another small piece of Pierre Deux
purple toile fabric I was thrilled to be able
to make a few more cozies.
click here if interested!