Saturday, December 31, 2016


Now that the New Year is coming,
 two birds have 
returned to our house.

We now have our Whippoorwill - Cuckoo Clock back
from the clock shop.  The a
woman who comes from Germany several
times a year to repair Cuckoo clocks so ours has been at the shop since May waiting I think
for her visit and
finally - done.  I love it!

Someone might remember when I painted this
Shabby Chic in Colorado, however, it never
worked (with our limited knowledge).
  We got it at one of the indoor
flea markets in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

The bird on the left is the Whippoorwill and he
tweets his own sound on each quarter hour going
up to to the 4 tweets on the hour.  The Cuckoo 
to the right tweets once on the half hour
 and then on the hour - however
many according to the time.  Of course there is a gong
accordingly on the hours and 1 at the half hour.

a whole lot of bird tweeting going on!

Friday, December 30, 2016


A few years ago I noticed other bloggers collecting old vintage alarm clocks to use as mantle and buffet display pieces for New Year's decorations.

I picked up one here and one there mostly
drawn to ones with lesser prices.  I saw
some along the way that I loved but were
ridiculously priced so I passed them by.

So, since last year I have added
a few more and here's how they look to the right
 and left side of my mantle this year:

I am also sharing some teatime treasures I found this week while out with some friends.  We found out about an antique/gift shop that was closing in Lexington, Missouri so we took a trip there.  On the way we passed through Higginsville, Missouri and I found the pansy cup and saucer below left
at a small antique mall for just $5.00.  
It is Royal Staffordshire and I have seen
 pictures of handles like this but this is my first.

The other two to the right above are Royal
 Albert's that I got for $8.00 each
at an antique mall in an old bank building
in Lexington.  I wondered if this was
one of the banks that Jesse James robbed
and since I'm telling prices today - the lovely glass compote was just $11.00.
I imagine scones piled high in it.

My Snowlady loves everything!

I want to thank everyone who participates in my blog party each week.  It doesn't bother me that I only get a few participants.  I really enjoy
the tea focus.  I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


I want to wish all my blogging friends
a very Merry Christmas!

Also, I want to thank everyone
 who takes 
the time to read my blog!

My heart and prayers are with those of you
who face physical challenges this Christmas
and enter the New Year wondering how things
might be.  I do pray for those of you I know about!

I wish you all joy this season!  Many of you
who participate in my blog party have been so
loyal and faithful and I thank you so much!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Just sharing some last minute Christmas
Eve pictures that I took this week:

I love this old lithograph I found at the
flea markets in Ft. Collins, Colorado
years back.  I only have it out
at Christmas:

Friday, December 23, 2016


On Thursday we drove over to the Amish
area near Clark, Missouri where there
are many rural farms selling eggs, milk,
a grocery store with all sorts if items 
and lovely farmland.

Our car stayed moving so some of these 
photos aren't the clearest but
you see the type of homes: white and basic in style.

There really isn't a "downtown" that is Amish
like you see in some areas but farms
had signs out telling what they sold.
The baked goods we bought were
very reasonably priced:  bread, a pie,
peanut brittle, sugar wafers and also eggs and flour
and home canned jams and honey.

We saw many school houses:

After we got home, we decided to try some
of the Amish treats we bought at several places:

I also got a chance to look at the
gifts I received at a lovely luncheon given
by a friend this week.

 I sure enjoyed using my newest
Cup and Saucer named "Yuletide" which
I recently found 
at an antique mall in St. Louis:

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Lately, I have loved checking out many
 blogs and seeing their preferred Christmas
 decorating style.  There are many and
 I enjoy seeing what others do and there
 is everything from Victorian, mid century
with lots of old fashioned Red Santa,
shabby chic, sparkle and bling and on and on.

This Wednesday I found some old vintage
ornaments to add here and there. I was
so glad that the price was right of course
as I have seen some crazy prices
 for old

I also found some pretty postcards from
the early 1900's
with pencil written messages to
loved ones and friends.

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