Saturday, December 10, 2016

TIS THE SEASON for "Friends Sharing Tea"

We have been enjoying so many things during 
the Christmas season:  baking, making Christmas
Wreaths from fresh greenery and watching Hallmark
movies - way to many of those!

This is such a special time to year!

Today I am sharing some more Holiday photos -
nothing necessarily stays where it starts at
my house - it's a work in progress.

I found the sweet German chocolate pot in Clarksville, 
Missouri where I was Monday taking photos of the
 Elgin/Cottrell Home on the Mississippi River.
Some scenes from the downstairs tea room:

I made a huge mess down here in the
tea room last night as I was making
a couple of fresh wreaths for friends and one 
for our door.  I found the red berries (winterberry holly)
 near my home in a wooded area 
but after stepping on these berries for a while
I suggest this is a better "garage" project!

Some of you remember my
from past times:

I hope you can join me today for my blog party below!
I apologize for being late myself!


  1. Hi Bernideen,
    There are so many pretty things to enjoy in this post! I love the lady in white and the sweet handled piece holding the vintage silver. It sounds like you are truly enjoying your holiday season this year. Do you get much snow in Missouri? We had a storm a couple of weeks ago and the snow is still here. I guess we're stuck with it although the little ones don't mind. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for sharing.

    Christmas blessings,

  2. I love Your Christmas decorations. Victorian Angels are so beautyful. Merry Christmas!

  3. Everything looks so pretty and Christmas-y. I love the skates on the sideboard. What a cute idea. I had a HUGE old mess with those stupid 'berries', too. Should have done them out where I was going to put them- they were dropping as I carried the urn through the house--WHAT a mess! Your wreaths look beautiful!!! xo Diana

  4. The wreaths are very nice! Your home is so wonderfully decorated inside and out. Love your Tea Room. Love the Victorian Atmosphere.

  5. Hi Bernideen - your home looks so beautiful! And I just LOVE the wreaths you made - gorgeous!! I haven't even begun to decorate my house or the outside yet... Several of my rooms are a total mess because I'm in the midst of getting the house ready for sale - aiming to put it on the market in February. (I know you know ALL about the messes when you move..) ; o )
    I'm sure you do miss the Colorado snow, as you mentioned. Here in Massachusetts more and more of our Christmases are NOT snowy and I DON'T like it! ; o )

  6. Your home is so inviting, Bernideen, and I love your snowlady and also the lady dressed in crimson. Your wreaths are beautiful! I checked your previous posts of your outdoor Christmas decor, and it looks wonderful. I'm sure you do miss the Colorado snow, but I'll bet you'll get some. Thanks so much for hosting!

  7. Your wreaths are so pretty and you did such a good job on them.

    You have such beautiful Christmas dishes and bird houses. Everything looks terrific.

    I am going to make myself a cup of Sleepy Time Tea right now since I can't seem to go to sleep.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Thanks for hosting.


  8. Bernideen, I've long admired your lovely tea time blog & decided to join in your linky party today for the first time, since I had an appropriate post. Thank you for hosting the gathering!
    Your festive holiday settings are delightful...I especially love your glass basket! I inheirited my Mom's, by way of my brother, who sent it to me from TX. I cherish it & love how you've displayed yours. I must do something similar! Thanks for the idea.

  9. Bernideen, my current post, Caramelized French Onion Dip, has nothing to do with tea -- unless you made a tea sandwich out of it? -- so I linked one from a year ago; hope that's okay. Your wreaths are amazing! I noticed something in the third photo that I've never seen before anywhere -- a cup and saucer rack on the wall. Where did you get that? Please don't tell me that your very talented husband made it for you!


  10. Bernideen I love my winter wreath surprise you made and left at my front door.
    It's hanging on my mailbox,and looks so beautiful. I sent text pictures to my daughters and they love it also. xoxo

    your pictures are always so beautiful

    Merry Christmas

  11. Bernideen your wreaths are beautiful! I am so in love with your tea room. What a fun place to play.
    Thanks for hosting!

  12. I've been enjoying seeing all the Christmas-themed teawares shared by the bloggers (including yours!) during this time of year. I'm also a fan of you Nutracker teapot; I regret passing on one that I saw online a few years back. We're finally getting some snow today so it's starting to feel more like Christmas. Thank you for hosting, Bernideen!

  13. just awesome collection you have.. I couldn't find the appropriate word to express my feeling about all those collectibles...

    Please visit:

  14. Seems like it's the season to be late. I'm having a time keeping up...
    Have a lovely week!

  15. Oh, I do love those wreaths! Beautiful job! And that German chocolate pot. Love it. I have one that I adore. Such beautiful soft colors. I am hosting a bridal shower tea the first week of January and thinking how nice it would be if I could "borrow" your tea room there in your house, haha! xo Deborah

  16. Hi Bernideen. Looking so festive! Love all your pretty arrangements. Just perfect for Christmas. Thanks for hosting!

  17. So many pretty treasures. Your home is looking mighty festive.

  18. Hi Bernideen,
    Everything looks lovely for Christmas in your pretty home. It is such fun to decorate and enjoy the season and our pretty Christmas things. Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea. Blessings, Karen

  19. Your home looks so cozy and all ready for Christmas! I was so happy to see your snow lady again. She is a favorite of mine! Love your new chocolate pot! Glad you are enjoying your new home and town! Hope you get your wish for snow!

  20. so pretty. Especially love the white figurine in winter clothing!

  21. Oh, Bernideen - look at all your eye candy pretties!

    I think it is SO COOL you have an actual basement tea room - what a dream come true! One day I hope and pray to see it in person. I would *love* love!!!

    I have so much to share for Christmas posts and hoping to get to it soon.
    So sorry I have been absent. Have had a problem with a frozen finger and not being able to carry, move much or type - so kinda mia - then my sweet grand taking all that other time - not complaining, am in heaven - but just missing you all so much. xxoo

  22. So glad I was one of the friends you made the wreath for, I love it! I have never had a real one before! Your buffet looks charming, yummy looking cookies and I like that ruby topped cake stand! The birdhouse is so fun on the other cake stand. Your chocolate pot really is a pretty one, glad you bought it. Nice collection of holly teacups, I saw one the other day at Midway for 30. I think!


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