Saturday, July 30, 2022

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS for "Tea In The Garden"

 Today with lower temperatures in the 80's
range it was perfect weather for another
"Tea In The Garden" and since I looked
at the extended forecast and saw that 
this weather will be short lived so I
decided  to take advantage of it.

We got some rain this week but 
truly, we could have used another
day's worth!

This recipe for Blueberry Muffins 
is here (click) however, I made a
different topping this time by mixing
 2 Tb flour,  3 Tb Sugar, 1 Tb chopped 
butter and 1/4 Tsp ground cinnamon. 
 I just put that on top of the muffins
 before I baked them.

I love old quilts....

These were the muffins when
they came out of the oven:

These particular
were huge.

I found my blue Daintee Ladyee
years ago in West Virginia.

You can see the branches of our giant
pussy willow in our front yard. I think
the size is unusual and it can be a
mess in the spring.

I hope your weekend is lovely.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

"TEA IN THE GARDEN" with The Serenade of the Cicadas

Welcome to the heat of July!
Time for a "Tea In The Garden": 

I slipped out today and set up a "Tea In 
The Garden" because tomorrow it is
 supposed to be 99 degrees and then over
 100 degrees each of the days this weekend.

I have some wonderful little peach
tarts for you to try.  We stopped at a
peach orchard on the other side of the
Missouri River and bought a box of
their peaches.

I read the new Victoria yesterday while
waiting in the car for my husband.  It is
all about Scotland and so many castles
and gardens  are included.  There are
also some wonderful
recipes for fall with soups and salads.

I am sure we love music at our
"Tea In The Garden" so today we
are being serenaded by Cicadas
which are very loud bugs that make 
a sound I can hardly describe to you
(Especially because there are many of
them making this noise at the same time)
click above to hear him sing!

So I looked behind me as I was taking 
photos and saw
that we have some company:

As you can see - we need rain badly.

yesterday (recipe)
and added some
strawberries too.  One of 
these pies went to our son and

Please enjoy a tart and tea.

Monday, July 11, 2022


 Well, here we are in Missouri in very hot
 July with temps today close to 100 degrees.
  I think I'll stay inside but I did run out
 and take a few photos of the garden
 this morning:

 Yes, purple seems to be
 in charge
of color right now.

I have allowed some Queen Anne's
Lace in my garden in one area
so that I have
it for bouquets.

I hope you are staying cool.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022


 Down the road about 10+ miles is a little
community we drive through  sometimes.
  We haven't been out much so the other
 day we drove over.  This is a very tiny town with quite a few Bed and Breakfasts but not
 a lot to do.  It is beside the Missouri River but not with access to the river.  Biking seems to be a big thing as the Katy Trail comes into the little town.  

It was very quiet around town.  I did
appreciate the many flags on display.

The yellow house isn't a B & B but I
think it is cute.  One of the houses
has amazing flowers covering about
every inch of their yard with no lawn.

I just looked at the weather forecast
and it calls for 101 degrees the next
three days.  I think that means I will
be downstairs sewing tea cozies.  I 
sure got behind lately so I best get
going and enjoy the air conditioning!

Monday, July 4, 2022


 I am so happy to be posting on my
blog again.  After our recent bout with
Covid, my husband and I are determined
to enjoy our summer and spend some 
time relaxing.

We are out on our deck today and
there is one thing I can assure you of
which is "this is one very hot" 4th
of July.

I think these blue hydrangeas will
be glad to get into some air conditioning.
They did not look very happy out in
our backyard.

The 1776-1976 Bi-Centennial teapot
is really fun because we just happened
to be living in Virginia that year and
attended the Bi-Centennial celebration
at Yorktown.

I do not believe in erasing
history just because it wasn't
wonderful  You probably know
that Martha Washington had slaves.

I found this old vintage piece of "Old
Glory" toile on ebay and hemmed it
into a table topper.

One side of our deck gets the most
sun so we pull the shade down on 
that side.

I hope You had a lovely 4th of July!