Monday, March 28, 2016


Several months ago I was contacted a blogger and I was thrilled when she told me she lived in Columbia, Missouri.  She stopped by this week to say hello.  We were invited to her church and so yesterday we attended Easter Sunday at Forum Christian Church.  It was a lovely celebration of of the resurrection of Jesus and what a difference his resurrection means for each of us! 

 I hope you had a blessed Easter.  
This was the lovely tulip that Gina gifted
 us with when she paid a visit.  I also look
forward to meeting Janice who also lives here
and blogs at Curtains In My Tree!

 I am sharing some photos of our new home - well not really new (16 years old) but new to us.

I am so happy to be HOME and getting settled each and every day!  Seems like we just keep "putting things together:  beds, shelves, furniture, tables - you name it!

Even though I have been so busy unpacking, I still wanted to put some Easter Decorations out.  I guess this is because I already missed decorating for Valentines and St. Patrick's Day! I think I will leave my Easter things up for a while.

This wash stand (below) was in a bedroom 
before but is now in the entrance foyer.

 We have messes everywhere but I can
 show you my armoire which is now in the kitchen between 2 doorways going into the Great Room.

 This kitchen has an area for a table by the glass sliding doors onto the deck and then another small dining area with a fireplace but I am going to use that area as a "Victorian Parlor" for my antique sofa. I will show you more about that later.

Every time I took a photo here I was trying to
 avoid a hammer, power drill, picture not
 hung up yet, wall clocks on the floor, etc. 
I did get out some violet and pansy pieces to display:

We marked every box that was packed by putting a label on the box which identified the room it was to be taken to and also a simple idea of was in the box.  I have never moved this way before and so as I am unpacking, it has made for better organization.  I think I told you my hubby is a really good teacups broken!

My kitchen cupboards are maple and
 I really wanted white but may just live with these.

 I wish I could show you more but everywhere I look there are things to be hung and put together.  I know you will understand.

There are little shelves on each side of
 the kitchen window.  I love the
big beautiful mature trees in the back of the yard.

I am so enjoying all the wildlife, birds and everything green here!  It is still chilly and yes - rained for Easter!
  This is a deck off the kitchen:

I have some new friends in the back yard
that come out
 every morning and evening:

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Welcome to my Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden
Blog Party and welcome to MISSOURI.  
 Did you think
we would ever get here?
 Well, that's what I was beginning to think too!

Well, this is our retirement home which is built on a
 hill and is what they call a raised rancher as you
can walk out the back.  The lower level is almost
all finished and I will have a large "personal tea room" down there.  Yes, I look forward to sharing that room and others with you!
  I love the Forsythia
bush on the right side of the house.

 Back at the end of January we moved 1/2 of our furnishings in a large truck to this house.  After that, we had to go back to Colorado to work on our Colorado home where we have lived
 for the last 22 years.  We worked 39 out of 41 days updating
that home and having our kitchen redone, carpet, etc -
you know, getting it ready to sell.  
Last Thursday night we finally arrived back in 
Missouri with our 2nd last truck load.
  I wondered
what this tree was when we were here in January
and now I know - a Pussy Willow!

This is one of the things I love about the house - a koi pond although I have much to learn about this as I know nothing at all.  We will be having a privacy fence put around our yard and then the garden work begins! 
 When I was a little girl, all the old ladies would dig
up their plants when they moved - well on a recent unseasonably
warm day in Colorado I did dig up a few to bring!

I love the old cedar in the back and a little creek that runs
through - we plan to clean that all out and build a bridge over it -
just not now - we are pooped.

When I saw Cardinals here I was so excited
as we didn't have them in Colorado:

These wonderful Bradford Pear trees (above) are blooming all
over Columbia!

I will be sharing more to come about
 our new ( 15 years old) house.
 It isn't a mansion but
rather a fact, since we live
 in what is called  "Quail Creek",
 I have decided to call this house
"Quail Creek Cottage".
 Right now every
day is unpack, unpack and unpack
 some more. 
I will say this though -  this is much more fun than packing!

I welcome all you bloggers to share in this blog party below!

Friday, March 18, 2016


After weeks of boxing and packing and boxing and packing,
Thursday we moved out of Colorado where we have
  lived for 22 years.  Yes, we have finally moved to
 Missouri to be near our son and family.

I always remember the line used in the "Miss Potter" movie where she says to her Mother...."at my age......"  I have to tell you it was  so much easier to move when we were "at the age" of 30-40 years old!  We hurt all over this time. 
 My hubby will definitely need a break
 now from the heavy duty stuff.

This photo was of the first truck being loaded 
 back on January 25th in Colorado. 
We decided early on to break our
 move into two separate truck loads at
 different times and in between working on having
  carpeting, granite kitchen counters, sink,
 new windows, etc installed in the Colorado home. 
Then my husband
spent weeks painting and restaining the woodwork
 and doing various repairs on this house to get
 it move in ready and up for sale. Both of
those 2 cars were trade in and I'm not driving
the truck (of course) but get to drive the new car.

I am so excited to see in this photo below that I can share
something other than a moving truck and share something vintage. You see this real Victorian mantle below in the Colorado garage. (below photo with table leaning against it) I saved this mantle after having it at my shop for many years.   It is very Victorian and made from cypress and came out of an old mansion in New Orleans before the hurricane named Katrina.

I am doing this post really early because by the time you see this post the computer won't be hooked up and we probably don't have internet service yet.   I can't take a photo of truck #2 because it's too late so just imagine
 another 26 foot truck is gone!
This should help - ha!

And with that I say "Goodbye Colorado"!   I hope to be sharing
much about our new home and what Missouri has to offer
in the days ahead!  I have work to do as I need to create a 
new garden for my "Tea In The Garden" link party soon!

I hope to see you Monday for Bernideen's
 Tea Time,
 Cottage and Garden Blog Party!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Just a few photo memories from last spring:

I do hope you are having a lovely week and
getting ready for springtime!

If all else fails (still winter outside) one can
buy a few
plants to cheer things up.

The next time you hear from me
I will be happily moved!

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Monday, March 14, 2016


Time to enjoy some Irish
themed cupcakes: 

May God grant you always
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel
So nothing can harm you.

I find winter to go quicker if we
celebrate each of these smaller
holidays.  It is fun to decorate a
little for each one and right now
green seems to be the going color.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Earlier today I made up a booklet as we will be
 putting our home in Colorado up for sale soon. 
 It was fun looking back at some
photos of my summer garden so I
decided to share some here too:

I will soon be saying goodbye to this
Colorado garden and will begin
the process of starting a new garden
 in Missouri.  I look forward to the challenge!
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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Just a few photos of past tea time 

Have a lovely day!

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