Saturday, April 27, 2024


 I recently came across some fabric
which was not new but had never
been used and with 3 1/2 yards I
was thrilled to get this pink rose
brocade damask.  It reminded me 
of the type of fabric ladies sewed
with in the 50's.

This was the perfect time to get out
some "rose" themed tea wares
to display.

I was able to make 2 tablecloths,
a runner for the buffet and have
fabric for tea cozies.

I made myself a standard 
tea cozy.  


I have quite a collection - more than
I realized - of tea wares with images
of roses.  

I hope you have a
lovely weekend.

If anyone is interested, these tea
cozies are available on my
Etsy site:  small, standard
and large size

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

WHEN THE IRISES BLOOM for "Tea In The Garden"

 Today I glanced out the living area
windows and thought "Oh my goodness,
I better get there now".  The irises were
in full bloom and actually many are
yet to bloom and I thought I better
get my camera and get going.

It had rained a little this morning
and now the sunshine was out.

Mr. Peter Rabbit is very 
happy now that spring
has come.  We still have
some tulips but have said
goodbye to the daffodils.

I don't collect iris tea wares so I used
some pansy items and a vintage
pansy topper.  There are so many 
themes of flowers that can be
collected on tea wares.  What do
you collect?  I do pansies, violets
and roses.

I have a collection of vintage
pansy English cups and

This one is a favorite:

I especially love the
little bell shaped
columbines in our

I gave away boxes of irises on our
driveway these last several years to 
anyone who wanted them and yet I 
see they just make more and more. 
 Before we left Colorado 8 years ago, I went out in the snow and dug up a
few of the tubers (yellow ones) and look
 at them now.  I am sure the lady who
 gave me some tubers in Colorado 
would be shocked how they have multiplied.
(Diane Werckle)

I wish you a 
Happy Springtime!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024


 Things are moving along in 
the garden and the daffodils and 
jonquils are pretty much over.  We
also have said goodbye to many
of the tulips already.

What is happening now is the irises
are starting to bloom and the

And let's not forget the
forget me nots!

A few tulips are still
around to join the

Friday, April 12, 2024


We have been enjoying all the spring
flowers this year and certainly pansies
are always a special delight so it was
time for a pansy themed table

 A pansy tea cozy was needed
for the table.  This one is made
from an old table runner.  I
wonder who embroidered this old

The backside is just
as pretty as the

I was never what I call a 
term project" person.

I can only imagine the hours
spent on embroidery after
watching my Grandmother
sitting in her chair working
away.  Back in the 70's she gave me 
the ice tea glasses on the table
which were from the 50's.

The plates with pansies on them are
Crown Dorset from England.  The pansy
teapot in the center below is a
Crown Dorset also.

I also collect violet tea wares and
actually I have more of those
pieces collected.

I love old linens and appreciate the
skills and patience of those who
left them behind for us to enjoy.

When we think of spring there
is a succession of how the bulbs
bloom and flowers arrive but
truly everyone loves the
arrival of pansies.

I am hoping to get back out
in the garden for another
tea time vignette.

This tea cozy is not for sale.