Sunday, February 23, 2020


I thought I would do my part to encourage
spring by getting out all my violet bone
 china pieces and trying
to encourage things.

For one thing I like to go walk around
my neighborhood every day and this
winter hasn't been too good for that

I was able to get out twice this week and
did notice some bulbs just barely 
popping up in various yards including
my own.

I won't be wearing these
on my feet.  I hope you
have had a lovely day
and ready for your new week!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


One of the things my husband and 
I like doing is visiting some of the
 small towns in Missouri.

Today we drove over to several
that are southwest of us but not as
far as Kansas City.

We stopped and had lunch at a cute
little tea room called "My Secret Garden"
outside of a little town called Warsaw.

There are many sweet cafe type restaurant
around Missouri that are called "tea rooms" 
and they serve salads, soups, quiche, etc
with desserts and tea. (not Afternoon Tea)

Then we went into the antique mall there.
I loved this pink Victorian house which was
right down the street.

On the way back up the road north we
passed back through Sedalia, where the
state fair is held each summer:

Earlier in the day we had seen a sign about a tiny German settled town called "Cole Camp"
 and so we drove over east 4 miles 
to see what it was like
and found a darling shop:

This shop serves lunch and dinners and
 also across the street a sister affiliated shop 
serves Afternoon Teas. 
 Another day for that!

Friday, February 14, 2020


Yesterday and today continues
to be very 
bitter and cold outside.

 This means it is a
perfect opportunity for
 a happy teatime.

My husband and I find it interesting the
 way that with just a little snow, everything
 shuts down here in Missouri.  It brings
 back so many memories of living in Colorado where everyone went to work and it really took a blizzard to make a difference.

I have a couple of new magazines
I have been enjoying. 

English Garden and Tea Time have
brought a lovely reprieve lately.
Winter is a time to get inspired
and excited about our spring gardens.

Wintertime is always a good time
 to try new recipes and brush up
on our baking skills.  Please
enjoy a cup of tea and one of  these
chocolate chip cookies I baked this week.

My friend Gina dropped off a lovely
Valentine card she made.  

So I hope that your wintertime
is going along well.  If you are
bored,  this might be a great time
to learn something new.  How about
doing a new craft, trying a new recipe
 or reading that book on the shelf.

And so I close this post to challenge you
to find joy in the little things.  Make a
nice homemade soup.  Do something not
very popular today - send an elderly person a handwritten letter or take something home baked to a neighbor. 
 You can even
 buy those frozen bread loaves and let
 them rise and bake them.  Make some
 homemade cards to have on hand for 
when you need them.  Enjoy winter 
as spring
will be here soon!

Monday, February 10, 2020


The week of Valentines is always such a
wonderful time.  Couples go out and 
have lovely dinners and others stay
home and make something delicious!

Ladies come together for tea and it's
fun decorating with valentine themed items.

I have some in my kitchen to enjoy,
along with other things of course.

Even my Queen Elizabeth tea cozy
seems to Valentine-ish:

My old Nicol Sayre angel
always comes out for the occasion.

I hope you have a lovely week!