Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Except for a day or two here and there, we really haven't had  spring weather.  I'm wondering if at some point it will just suddenly become summertime.  My winter coat is still out and ready to wear.  I am looking forward to seeing some of your teas in the garden today.  This morning I reflected on the book "Tasha Tudor's Garden" which we love!  I'm not so sure if it is still in print but I'm sure you could find a used copy somewhere.

As you remember, Tasha was an artist who illustrated children's books and an avid gardener.  Her garden in Vermont is open to the public even now that she has passed.  You might enjoy a tour.  I believe they now refer to it as her "Secret Garden" too.  


Please help yourself to tea and some lovely strawberries as I show you my book.

I have shared that this summer after 28 years, my shop will be closing.  We are in the process of having a GOOB Sale (Going Out Of Business).  Things are going well and we are pleased.  Some ladies are coming in crying......yes actually crying and there are many sweet comments.

  I have little girls that come to my store every week just to play at the play table. Sometimes the grandparents who are babysitting them bring them in.   I will miss them.  Others are all grown up now as I have had a play table for the last 17 years.  They come in and point to the table and share their story with me of how they used to play there.  Most call me "Miss Bernideen".

Today I am sharing some garden inspiration.  You do speak Japanese right?


If you watch this video of Tasha Tudor you will be inspired.  I think maybe this week our cold weather will disappear and I shall be able to get out in the garden.  Great fun!

I am hoping other teatime bloggers will join me by linking below.  Anything about tea works and baking and collecting teacups, etc.
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Monday, May 18, 2015

A RAINY DAY TEA for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Our weather forecast is for more rain this week.  We really haven't gotten much spring weather yet in Colorado.  Tuesday about 8" of snow is expected up in the mountains.  This is Colorado in the "springtime".  I have poured you and I some Yorkshire Gold tea here by the window. You do like tea - right? Please make yourself at home.

As you can see it is green outside now!
Many of my tulips started to come up recently and then just fizzled because of snow and sleet.  I'm not complaining as I am familiar with this. Yesterday afternoon we worked out in the backyard and cleared out the old dead stuff.  I have to tell you I huffed and puffed and thought how in the world does Carolyn Aiken have a 5 acre garden? Isn't her garden incredible?  I can't wait to see what this year holds for her and us.  What always amazes me is the way the snow is so deep on PEI one day and then in what seems like little time - she has so many bulbs blooming.

 I planted a few pansies yesterday and mostly the big accomplishment was that we moved the composter so it is no longer looking ugly under the tree.  As I was working a little bird with a beautiful song was going in and out of one of the birdhouses hanging there.

I am inviting you to join me for my "Friends Sharing Tea" blog party today.  I know some of you are already posting tea time in the garden.  I can't wait for "Tea In The Garden" to happen here and hopefully soon.  

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Friday, May 15, 2015


About 4 years ago, I knocked this English teapot off a warmer it was sitting on....yes It broke off a good part of the edge at the top.  Did I cry? No, was I upset? Of course!  Is it the end of the world?  No!  I will figure out something to do with it in another way.......It never occurred to me that it could be repaired.

My point is this:  in life, some things get broken.  Some things go wrong.  Some things can  get fixed and others can't.  The key is to move on. If you can learn from the problem - you can benefit.  I should not have lifted the tray it was sitting on without taking it off the warmer- that was my mistake.  I have learned again!

This is really a reposted story from back in 2011 but I want to tell you that a porcelain doll "doctor" is working on this teapot which had a piece chipped off right along that ruffled rim.  I am excited to see the repair and will share it when I get it back. I just wanted everyone to know - if a teapot has part chipped off it can be fixed.

Monday, May 11, 2015


I really enjoy a number of sites on Facebook and one of them is the Sadler Teapot Club.  I am always amazed at the Sadler teapots people post there to share.  I also communicate with many of you and reshare through my shop Facebook page -  Bernideen's and I participate in the Facebook group known as Afternoon Tea Across America which is great fun!  This week  for "Friends Sharing Tea" I am sharing my collection of 10 Sadler teapots.  They are such sturdy teapots it's no wonder there are so many around.

This is my newest old Sadler which I have admired in a booth at an Antique Mall for 2 years - yesterday on Mother's Day they were having a sale!  Oh boy.  my hubby wanted me to have it as he has seen me admire it so many times.

This Sadler below was very inexpensive because it has lots of crazing but I find it charming just the same.

The Sadler below left has a replacement lid.  The bottom main part was just $6.00.

I hope you can join my blog party at the bottom by linking something from your blog about tea.  I have sure been drinking my share during all this rain, hail and snow we had last week.  Every day brought moisture in some form.

So I have 10 Sadler's - do you have any?  Late note:  I sold the one with the Delphiniums on it!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Just to put ones mouth to the cup
To feel the fine details
To hold the delicate handle
It all comes together
At tea time - lit by candle.

Praise to the roses and hail to the buds
The flowers hand painted
With sweet little rubs
Pass me a plate
Some sugar and cream
For tea can not wait
It's my tea time dream............


Monday, May 4, 2015


Last week on Monday, April 27th we began something wonderful at my shop. - After 28 years of having a tea and gift shop called "Bernideen's"  we started a going out of business sale.  This is not a bad thing but rather the beginning of a new chapter in life.  They call this retirement although I plan to be very busy. 
 I love to do so many things!

One of the things I love to do is go to antique malls and flea markets and relax with my husband.  Yesterday was a beautiful day and after church we ventured to Denver where I found this darling Arthur Woods teapot at a very large antique mall.

So what does one do with ones self when you no longer have to go to work?  Well, here are just a few things:  bake, cook, garden, sew, go antiquing and flea marketing, grow some plants from seeds, can some jams and pickles later in the summer, go to a farmer's market, go to yard sales, make things for the family for Christmas, learn to make birdhouses, visit all the garden centers, take some classes, take a photography class, get to do ordinary chores when you aren't so tired and on and on!  No, there is  just one more very important one: having time for hospitality and ladies over for tea.

I apologize for the lamp to the left with no shade - still waiting on that!  My table below had lots of old tea stains which all came out with a good wet brushing with baking soda.  I have cleaned up several lately with that and it seems to work well.

I am also sharing another "Afternoon Tea Tray" below that my husband made for me.  I am so spoiled as I now have 6 everyday ones and 3 seasonal ones.  I think I have a preferred choice of a levels with a luncheon plate on the bottom, then a dessert and a butter plate on top. 

With spring upon us we now have a lovely green backyard so I hope to start up "Tea In The Garden" soon.  Remember that in the winter this blog party is called "Friends Sharing Tea" but soon it will be switching to "Tea In The Garden"  I would love for you to link at the bottom anything about tea please.

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May is always such a welcomed month. 

 I wonder what the least welcomed month is? 
 I guess it all depends on where you live.