Tuesday, December 28, 2010



I decided to set up a little tea
 party for my snowlady.

I love decorating for Christmas.....

I also don't love the job of taking it all down....
but I wouldn't let that stop me from putting it up!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last night I sat at the kitchen table and read through this wonderful tea book.  I loved the creativity and "common sense approach" to everything!  This is the story of a family unit who have succeeded in business in New York City. That is a big accomplishment! I especially like all the trivia personal information that proceeds the recipes!  Personality!

I had seen a discussion on Afternoon Tea Across American back in the fall regarding how much ginger and cinnamon were in their Pumpkin Scones so I will be making these myself to form my own opinion.  I really enjoyed reading their recipes and their philosophy about tea and their tea room.  Their style is whimsical and fun.  

Late note:  An email from 
Julie and Becky says:

I just bought this cookbook for my Kindle, and I noticed in the reviews sections that there are some mistakes in the Pumpkin Scone recipe and the Chicken Salad. Instead of 1/4 cup! of the cinnamon and ginger, 1 teaspoon each of the cinnamon and the ginger. The curried chicken sandwiches should have chopped red apple in the recipe.

The three tearooms  aren't just about tea by the way - but a place where activities abound and a lovely luncheon with creative salads and sandwiches are served to those who aren't into Afternoon Tea.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


A few photos of this year in
the living room.

I seem to have a lot
of angels.

Do you remember
the Debbie Mumm items?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The tree is finally decorated so I have set up a little tea celebration on the coffee table.

I have had these paper mache deer
since we lived in Texas.

Monday, December 13, 2010


It is so refreshing to enjoy the decorations for Christmas...to embellish your home with the joy of the season!

This old punch bowl came
from the Salvation Army
thrift store:

I love pulling out my Nicole Sayre Snowlady.....

She hopes you have a 
wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010


We will just step back into time here....and get lost in this lovely issue of Victoria Magazine....Winter of 87/88

I had formerly done a post on this blog about my first early copy of Victoria which was their 2nd issue .

 It is special to me because living in Colorado I find Georgetown to be my favorite place!  Mostly, it has to do with the charming little town in a valley where John Denver made a Christmas movie in l985 entitled "The Christmas Gift".  Yes, I just love this movie!

(Above) This was one of the homes featured in the old Victoria Magazine article about Georgetown, Colorado....

and now some pictures I took of Georgetown just a few weeks ago
just special for you:

It was a lovely sunny day on the way in our car....we go through a tunnel (not the Eisenhower which comes after you pass Georgetown on your way to Vail)

Not long after the tunnel we get to Georgetown, right after Idaho Falls......

I am especially fond of Georgetown!  This scene below is where George Billings (John Denver) stepped out of the Busy Bee Cab and took the same photo I took....

In the movie, Susan McMillan worked at this post office:

Now a museum, this was the hotel where Bud Sawyer and his sister "Aunt Henny" lived ....

Recently when I watched the movie, the log house below showed up as Susan McMillan was outside the post office.

the Hamill House Museum below  was pictured in Victoria with its conservatory on the side....

If you have your issue handy...this house below is now a different color paint than it was in 88' and is presently a bed and breakfast...

there are also several pictures in
 Victoria of the house below:

This photo above is in the issue of Victoria and it is also the house that Susan McMillan (actress Jane Kaezmarek) lived in for the movie! It is a lovely old Victorian.

a lovely stream winds all throughout the town going through the yards and there are darling bridges....

Georgetown was less than 2 hours from my home in Colorado Springs.

It was beginning to snow a little and we had to say goodbye ......
but hope to visit again soon!  I hope you enjoyed our visit to Georgetown, Colorado where 2 brothers first came during the 1850's to search for gold - but found silver instead! There were lots of houses for sale here in case you are interested!