Sunday, March 27, 2022

Saturday, March 19, 2022

"TEA AT DOWNTON" by Elizabeth Fellow


I have several tea books that have
recipes regarding the PBS series,
Downton Abbey.   This week I started
looking at the paperback copy of Elizabeth
Fellow's book called "Tea at Downton".
Now don't get confused here as Julian
Fellowes is the unrelated writer
of the television series and movies.

To hear her speak through this book is
 to know that you are hearing from 
someone who has done her research.
Some of us who have teas enjoy sharing 
 the story about Anna the Duchess of 
Bedford and the birth of the custom of
Afternoon Tea.  However, Elizabeth
has added other details that I found
 delightful to hear about for first time.

And for those who still struggle with
the institution of Afternoon Tea versus
High Tea, Elizabeth Fellow has a
 wonderful way of explaining the differences.  My husband and I recently watched the shorter series "Belgravia" which actually shows Anna serving Afternoon Tea and comments are made in the film regarding the fact that she is the first to do this.  I found this
so interesting and the fact that Julian
Fellowes included it in the production.  This was the online photo of the actress portraying Anna in the series "Belgravia". 
 What a tiny waist she has!

I have to say that I am not done reading
this paperback but I am really intrigued.
I will definitely be trying some of the

These were the very first spring blooms I picked 
in my front south facing yard today.

The pussy willow out front
 is definitely
starting to bud out.

In closing I also saw this fun
video on YouTube of a quirky

Wednesday, March 16, 2022



I have started the process of hoeing those
naughty ground cover weeds out of the
 flower beds in the backyard.  I think
 I am now half way across the back. 
 Common weeds here are Veronica
 Speedwell, Chickweed and 
purple Dead Nettle.

I want to share a few YouTube
I have come across.  

an amazing channel.  This young
man is super talented with his garden,
home and an artist too!

Another channel features a young 
woman in East Yorkshire, England 
who grows cutting flowers and this
 is her channel:

I thought this was a wonderful idea
she shared for those who have an
abundance of garden flowers you 
can sell them in your own Honesty

You will see many other helpful
videos she shares.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Friday, March 11, 2022


 I love it when it is finally time to get out
the wonderful violet china pieces.

Sometimes I do this in February but this
year I waited until March.  We had 6+"
of snow last night so violets sound very
welcoming today.

As you can see we had
some snow last night:

We have so enjoyed watching
all the birds come to the bird feeders this winter.  It's so nice to sit at the kitchen table and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and watch them come and go.

Sunday, March 6, 2022


 I saw a lovely recipe this week
on a friends site so I thought
it would be fun to bake it.

This cake is a little bit of production
as it has 4 different things:  the
batter for a 3 layer cake, the butter 
cream icing, lemon curd and heavy
 whipping cream.

We really should have refrigerated
this for a while before it was cut.

We had a lovely warm week but tomorrow
it will revert back to winter temps 
for the day.  How is your weather?

Saturday, March 5, 2022


 I am sharing a few of the collages that 
I have shared on my BTTCG FB page:

March is all about green and white
and the reminder that spring is just

These are all from past photos
March posts:

We continue to pray for the Ukraine.

I hope your weekend is relaxing.