Wednesday, March 16, 2022



I have started the process of hoeing those
naughty ground cover weeds out of the
 flower beds in the backyard.  I think
 I am now half way across the back. 
 Common weeds here are Veronica
 Speedwell, Chickweed and 
purple Dead Nettle.

I want to share a few YouTube
I have come across.  

an amazing channel.  This young
man is super talented with his garden,
home and an artist too!

Another channel features a young 
woman in East Yorkshire, England 
who grows cutting flowers and this
 is her channel:

I thought this was a wonderful idea
she shared for those who have an
abundance of garden flowers you 
can sell them in your own Honesty

You will see many other helpful
videos she shares.

1 comment:

Vee said...

Yes, spring is definitely about to pop there. My garden beds still have plenty of snow, though I did sow some seeds yesterday in the snow.

I enjoy vlogs very much and so will check these out.