Friday, May 31, 2013


Like many of you I love to hunt for vintage finds and charming bargains.  After Territory Days last weekend we closed our shop on Tuesday and headed out for the day.  We needed a break!

On my journey,  found this chocolate pot with a missing lid.  I have ordered a lid that I am pretty sure will work, but until then, some lilacs worked fine to use it as a vase.  It is hand painted with roses and violets and is from Germany and was just $6.00.

BYA:  No, the lilacs weren't from my yard - mine aren't nearly so lovely as these!

This sweet basket is one you see often in antique malls, etc.  I gave it a new coat of spray paint.  The runner fits perfect on my pink buffet with a soft pink rose on each end.   Another "smaller" sized  cake platter is perfect for displaying a teapot or cream and sugar.

The English Royal Stafford Cup and Saucer is the pattern Lyringa and I also found a darling 36" square topper of linen with roses printed on it.  All were very good prices.  This is my idea of a fun day!  Hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Now here's an easy project for you.  You will need to buy a placemat for each kitchen chair to make a chair pad. I used square placemats - not rectangles.  These are the same ones I am using for placemats on the table.

I have 4 vintage white kitchen chairs so I got four 15" square placemats and cut out 4  15" square pieces of fabric for the backings and a little more to make four tying strips for each to hold the finished cushion to the chair. I recommend a bodkin for turning the fabric strips - if you don't have one a large safety pin will work.   I had a roll of batting already on hand so I cut from a  four layer thickness four 12" square pieces.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Welcome to "Tea In The Garden" and what  a lovely morning for a cup of tea.  Today I am sharing my Windsor Castle Tea Set and a little garden tea vignette.

My husband and I plan to take the day off today after surviving Territory Days all weekend in Old Colorado City.  I am so glad the event is over - masses of humanity packing the streets.  Time to relax today!

I hope our weather is finally going to stay warm as we had cold weather last week and we are tired of it.  You know what I mean.  This weekend was beautiful so hopefully that is the new trend.

My poor tulips don't exist this year as they came up 6 weeks ago and then froze and the leaves turned brown. They never bloomed and a lady told me they get the strength to bloom from the leaves.

I'm not trying to fool you as I wouldn't have too much in the garden yet accept for sticking new plants in here and there.  My lilac bushes are also short on blooms this year.  This bouquet is going to my elderly neighbor behind me.  Late note:  because I have so many teasets, etc.  I only kept the coffeepot above and sold all the rest at my shop!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Welcome to Open House at Bernideen's Tea Time Blog!

I want to start this post by featuring  4 special guest postings from last week's OPEN HOUSE:

Are you looking for something really yummy to take to a spring/summer event?  How about Banana Mallow Pie?  Sandi will show you just how to make this at Rose Chintz Cottage

Why not try something new this summer?  Kathy from A Delightsome Life has a post that will teach you how to make Rose Water Jelly....just go HERE FOR THE RECIPE which looks so pretty. 

The 3rd blog I am featuring is Kitty's Kozy Korner.  Kitty is a great cook and baker.  I often print out her recipes.  Here is her Chicken Pot Pie RECIPE you will love.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  Some Beautiful purses were featured on the blog Roses, Lace and Brocante featuring her 91 year old aunt talents (and her aunts daughter).

Last night I was driving home from work - hungry.  The traffic was crazy and I began to crave GOULASH.  Yes, goulash is a good thing and it is an American institution.  So, a quick stop at the market for ground beef and I was home in the kitchen in no time.

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See my pretty pink plates:  I recently found 6 of these for $3.00 each.  They may not really be old as there is a lot of reproduction
depression glass out there and frankly I can't tell the difference. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


When spring finally comes to Colorado....I know it's time to replace "Tea With Friends" with "TEA IN THE GARDEN"!   I started having "Tea In the Garden" in 2009 and started doing linky parties about "Tea In The Garden" in 2011.  Today is our 42nd party.

Some of you may remember the folding chair 
I made from vintage pillow cases and linens
 a number 
of years ago.

If anyone is interested in seeing how to make
the chair covers- just click: 

 We are still having some cooler days though and you may too.  Please don't let the fact that you aren't into gardening (or maybe it's too cold) stop you from linking something else about tea today!

I also need to say that I have a heavy heart for the people of Oklahoma today who are in my thoughts and prayers!

This morning I set up a tea time scene that you and I can enjoy before the hurry of the day takes over.  

I started this garden in 2008 after our doggy passed.  I wish it were even more "developed" than it is.  I never knew it took such a long time.  If you don't have a garden you are still invited to link anything about tea even indoors !!!  Or you might have a post of tea in your sun room, patio or porch to share!

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Monday, May 20, 2013


Some of my favorite moments are those spent scouting out yard sales, flea markets or some previously unvisited antique mall.  I am always fascinated by all the different things people are searching for.  Recently I noticed someone who delights in primitive items. Another man was buying old oil cans (like Frankie on The Pickers) and hardware from  another century and there I was scouring for vintage linens and teacups and saucers and the like.  

As I was waiting to pay, a man wheeled by his purchase of a unique potting bench that someone made from  pieces of repurposed wood.  It was really cool!  I am on the hunt for an old door - one with a curved round top which is harder to find.  I would love it even more with a little curved window you could open out in it.

I am sharing some of my weekend treasures today including another Tuscan cup and saucer which has more silver on it and slightly different than the first two I found.  Also:  a pretty pink embroidered runner, a Swan vase, another straw hat to wear in the garden and another white milk glass vase.

What have you been looking for?

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