Thursday, May 2, 2013


Several weeks ago I spread the kitchen table with newspapers and began gathering up the picture frames around the house. I took the photo and glass/backing out.   Some were metal and others plastic.  Some were that old out of style 1970-1980's resin look.  I had decided to paint them with chalk paint and I found that 1 coat was basically all it took, a little distressing with sandpaper (or just wiping some of the wet paint off with a rag) and a quick wax job and buff.

You can totally change the look of your frames easily!


  1. I love your chalk white picture frames. Such a great idea! I haven't tried spray paint for something like this, although I have used acrylic paint and a paintbrush. The effects are a little bit different, but also pretty.

    I think I enjoyed looking at your photos as much as your frames! It was fun to "find you" in them --- and to see pictures of your beautiful family.

    Gracious Hospitality

  2. What a great idea Berideen! And painting them gives such a lovely coordinated look in addition to freshening them.

    Hope your day is Extraordinary!

    p.s. I'd be delighted if you'd stop by and help me celebrate my first blogiversary...there's lovely giveaways, too! ;)

  3. Bernideen, your frames look wonderful! What a difference a little bit of paint makes. It was nice to have a peek at your photos too. Thanks for sharing with my HOME and hosting your nice party.


  4. Hello Bernideen,
    Love the painted frames - your home is just going through the most marvelous transformation - beautiful. I do appreciate you hosting,

  5. I love how the frames turned out, Bernideen! I need to update some of my old frames, too. Thanks for hosting your Open House.

  6. Nice! I think I can get away with some white frames. Now I need some chalk paint.

  7. Nice idea! It really unifies the photos.
    Thanks for hosting each week. ~ Sarah

  8. Looks great- another new part of your going "chic!"

    Nicely done, my friend!!

  9. Hello Bernideen
    YOU are clever!
    What a great way of updating the photo frames - what a difference it makes just by a little paint all the same colour!
    I'm inspired.
    Shane ♥

  10. I love the look of all your white frames! You have some beautiful frames there. Nancy

  11. Oh my gosh Bernideen, you have painted so much lately you make my tired ache. lol! Amazing lady! Thanks for the party.

  12. I just painted a frame with blue and white paint and you're right it does change the look amazingly. I love how fresh your collection of white frames look.

  13. Bernideen you have such a sweet collection of frames. They look wonderful painted in white! Thank you for hosting.

  14. Chalk paint can really change your accessories. Love your "new" frames! So fresh! Bernideen, thanks for hosting another great party! We appreciate all the work you do so we can show off!

    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  15. Isn't it wonderful what a difference a coat of paint can make! Your frames look very pretty,Bernideen.


  16. Your frames came out beautifully Bernideen. A very pleasing update.

  17. What a great idea! I've always heard that having your photo frames in the same colorway helps pull everything together, but I wouldn't have thought of painting the resin ones. Terrific!

  18. They look lovely! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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