Friday, May 26, 2023


 Sometimes the main benefit of
setting up a table setting is the
fact that it is the perfect opportunity
to wash them all (and these by
hand of course).

I had arranged this floral for one of
 my "Tea In The Garden" posts but
 when I realized the colors matched
 my Old Country Roses china pattern,
I decided to do this table setting post
and include the arrangement.

I have done other posts on this
china pattern before.  Actually, I
acquired this set around the time of
our 40th anniversary which was about
15 years ago.  A lady came into my
shop trying to sell the set to earn 
money to pay her utility bill. (It had belonged to her Mother In Law but  was not her taste) I sent her down the street 
to another shop but when she came
 back 2 hours later,  my husband 
 we buy it.

Many consider Old Country Roses to 
be the most beloved all time pattern.
My pieces are from England (except
the warmer) but starting around 2000
 the pieces were outsourced to China and
Indonesia.  If you look for some - the English will always be more collectible.
Read the bottom backstamp.  Also,

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 As I have shared over the years, I
am rather fond of Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria was born May 24,1819 and how thrilling that an entire era is
named after her - not many can 
say that.

You might enjoy watching the BBC
series "Victoria".  I have the sound
track and play it often.

I had made this banner many years back
when we lived in Colorado.

I have several books
about Queen Victoria:

When doing my floral, I tried to
 incorporate the Victorian
era passion for color.  They
put orange with red.

The garden is changing from spring
to summer and I don't look forward
to the hotter temperatures ahead so
this weather now must be enjoyed
to the fullest.

These 2 cups and saucers commemorative
Queen Victoria's Diamond 60th Jubilee:

If you would like to bake these
scones, they are Cherry Vanilla

My math was a little mixed up when
I put on my FB page that this was her
104th birthday today.  Naturally, a lady
quickly straightened me out and I corrected it.........senior moment.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

BABY BLUEBIRDS for "Tea In The Garden"


What a beautiful day to set up a 
little "Tea In The Garden" outside
and share with you my joy of seeing
five baby bluebirds being fed by
their parents on our deck this morning.

As you can see the baby on the lower
right above, is still working on
turning blue.

Today it is a perfect weather scenario
with temperatures in the 70's and after
3 days of much needed on and off 
rain, we have
some lovely sunshine.

I have had the teapot and cups
and saucers for a long time now.

So the bluebirds are hanging around
the yard because we have a feeder
with meal worms in it.  I think
Sparrows took over the blue birdhouse
though which is disappointing.

Sparrows have taken over so
many of our birdhouses.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.
This last photo is terrible as it was
taken from inside the house through
dirty screens and windows but it
is fun to see 3 of the 5 baby birds:

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


 I make it no secret that I am a fan
of Jane Austen BBC films, Downton
Abbey and other Victorian period 
dramas.  I have never posted here about my all time favorite so here goes.

I spent 28 years in retail so I was naturally drawn to this BBC British
drama which came out in 2012 and features the story of  what
is suggested as the first English
department store "The Paradise".
The film begins in 1875.

another series had more viewers (Mr. Selfridge) they only did 2 seasons 
of "The Paradise" which was a disappointment
to me.

This was Denise's first visit
to "The Paradise":

So the story evolves around the lovely
Denise Lovett (above)who moves from a small town in Scotland to live with her
Uncle Edmund who owns a struggling little outdated business across the street
 from the successful "Paradise". 
 Despite her modest background, 
Denise catches the eye of the owner, 
Moray (a widower)and gets a job
 there in ladies wear.

If you love seeing Victorian clothing
and especially women's hats, jewelry
and dresses, you will be dazzled by
what you see.  Sometimes I love the
costuming and sometimes Katherine Glendenning's dresses with matching
 hats and purses are a bit overwhelming.  She even ordered a matching dress with one for new (by marriage) daughter and 
her one for daughter's doll?

I am not here to tell you the story
told in "The Paradise" but just to say
that the costumes are incredible.  As
for the men, their jackets, ties and
smart vests are absolutely gorgeous.

The building itself is a wonder to
behold but especially the wrought iron
looking gazebo structure when you 
enter the main room of the floor
level of "The Paradise".  Everything
is so beautiful and presented so

Wednesday, May 10, 2023


 We are enjoying some lovely

I have come to realize that
Allium bulbs make more Allium
bulbs and this year we have many.

I have thinned the irises out many
times now and will continue as 
they seemed the thrive here.  I
just put things out on my driveway
and in no time they are gone.

The next thing to look forward
to is the peonies and they are
coming soon.