Friday, May 26, 2023


 Sometimes the main benefit of
setting up a table setting is the
fact that it is the perfect opportunity
to wash them all (and these by
hand of course).

I had arranged this floral for one of
 my "Tea In The Garden" posts but
 when I realized the colors matched
 my Old Country Roses china pattern,
I decided to do this table setting post
and include the arrangement.

I have done other posts on this
china pattern before.  Actually, I
acquired this set around the time of
our 40th anniversary which was about
15 years ago.  A lady came into my
shop trying to sell the set to earn 
money to pay her utility bill. (It had belonged to her Mother In Law but  was not her taste) I sent her down the street 
to another shop but when she came
 back 2 hours later,  my husband 
 we buy it.

Many consider Old Country Roses to 
be the most beloved all time pattern.
My pieces are from England (except
the warmer) but starting around 2000
 the pieces were outsourced to China and
Indonesia.  If you look for some - the English will always be more collectible.
Read the bottom backstamp.  Also,


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Hugs and blessings.

  2. Your floral bouquet is so beautiful. The pink carnations with red roses and red sweet williams. The china is quite lovely with the rose pattern. I enjoy always seeing these teas you have at home settings.

  3. I've always loved this china pattern, ever since a young bride I have coveted it. My aunt used to serve her scones and tea on special occasions on it's splendor, I finally was able to purchase my own set some thirty years ago.
    Your table settings are always so stunningly beautiful.

  4. I don’t have any of this pattern, but I’m
    So glad that your hubby insisted that you buy it. It looks gorgeous on your table with your floral arrangement!

  5. It is a beautiful pattern. It was my mother in law's best china set. She had a big collection passes on now to her granddaughter.Nice that your husband insisted you buy it!
    Happy Memorial Day!


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