Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 As I have shared over the years, I
am rather fond of Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria was born May 24,1819 and how thrilling that an entire era is
named after her - not many can 
say that.

You might enjoy watching the BBC
series "Victoria".  I have the sound
track and play it often.

I had made this banner many years back
when we lived in Colorado.

I have several books
about Queen Victoria:

When doing my floral, I tried to
 incorporate the Victorian
era passion for color.  They
put orange with red.

The garden is changing from spring
to summer and I don't look forward
to the hotter temperatures ahead so
this weather now must be enjoyed
to the fullest.

These 2 cups and saucers commemorative
Queen Victoria's Diamond 60th Jubilee:

If you would like to bake these
scones, they are Cherry Vanilla

My math was a little mixed up when
I put on my FB page that this was her
104th birthday today.  Naturally, a lady
quickly straightened me out and I corrected it.........senior moment.


  1. A lovely and imaginative tea. I watched a documentary about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and wondered how much of it was true.

  2. I've long been fond of Victoria and Albert, too. Your tea things are delightful and what a fun way to celebrate her.

    My oldest son was born on May 24th, 1989. We were visiting relatives in Canada and they mentioned him having a holiday birthday. I was puzzled until they mentioned Victoria Day! Ah!

  3. Beautiful weather for a lovely tea outside. I like how your pink peonies and red roses go so well with the red white and blue.


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