Saturday, May 30, 2020

LAST "Tea In The Garden" for May

Welcome to my last May "Tea In The Garden" which
I am squeezing in between rainy times.

 I am using the new blogger format and I can tell you I
don't like having to learn new things but that seems to
be the norm now - something new all the time that
we have to learn.

Please help yourself to one of these lovely scones
and a cup of  Yorkshire Gold Tea.  I baked the
scones using the small scone cutter and I think
I like this little size. I think they would be perfect for having
ladies for tea because of all the other goodies.  
 These are Lemon Cream Cheese
Scones I have often shared on my blog.  The 
recipe is at the bottom below.

We have basically been at home since March 25.  My
husband has eye doctor appointments once and month
and he has done the grocery shopping once a week
during the "senior" early hours.  I don't mind staying
home but I am praying our country can get people
back to work.  

As you can see, I am sharing some red transferware
pieces.  I love the Copeland Spode pattern and also the
Mason's Vista.

We are currently saying goodbye to our peonies.
The irises are now gone and of course earlier we
enjoyed the tulips, daffodils and alliums.  We still
have some alliums here and there and now we
have some roses blooming too.  Soon the Japanese
beetles arrive though and they are sure naughty.

Please help yourself to a lovely scone and some tea.
We have had quite a lot of rain which beat the poor
flowers down.  I have staked up some of them.

I may have shared this tea cozy before - she
is Queen Elizabeth - the daughter of King
Henry the 8th....

Last year I planted some Sweet William
seeds and so now I have more which I am
loving for bouquets.

My garden is so full that I dug up many things and
it looks better.  I think now I shall just maintain
a bit and of course I have planted some seeds.
Depending on how you count, my garden is 4
years old but really in a way it 3 because the first summer
was all about digging and digging all summer.

Some asked about the cozy - it is made in England from a company which (I think) is no longer in business:  Frances Worters - you can
find them on ebay, etc being resold

This is a time we are praying for our country,
leaders and a renewal of integrity in our country.

Lemon Cream Cheese Scones:
Mix these dry ingredients:  
2 1/4 cups all purpose flour, 1/4 cup sugar
 and 3 tsp baking powder
add to this 1/3 cup chopped butter and
4 ounces of chopped cream cheese
I used my mixer to beat this together and then added
1 egg and 1/3 cup of milk, plus 1/4 cup
lemon extract and the grated rind of 2 lemons

I rolled mine out and cut them with my smallest
scone cutter.  I sprinkled lemon juice and sugar on
the tops of the scones and bake them at 400 degreees
for about 8 minutes - convention (probably 10 minutes in
a regular oven  This made 18 small scones.

Monday, May 25, 2020


Just a few collages of what
is happening out back today and
a bouquet on the front porch.

And today - thank you to our
military and especially those we
remember today who gave their
very lives!  Thank you men and
women for your service in our military.

Friday, May 22, 2020

THE FOXGLOVES GREET US for "Tea In The Garden"

Our May started out with warm weather
but quickly reverted back to cool and even
cold weather.  Well, it really wasn't that
cold but after a few days of warm - you 
adjust to that new norm and the cold
seems even colder.

Please come over and join me for tea -
we have a new little bridge
to cross and come into the garden:

I am so happy to share this time 
with you.  My garden is bursting with
some new foxglove blooms.  I was
always inspired by Tasha Tudor's foxgloves
and so this thrills my little heart.

Please choose whichever teacup you
would enjoy using for your tea.

I hope you don't mind Jeremy Fisher and
Miss Tabitha joining us for tea.  I had
to move them forward as they were getting
distressed about all the foxgloves being
right up in their sweet faces.

It was quite a project putting in this drainage
dry creek bed.  That's a fancy name for a 
ditch.  It has been working so when it rains it
is quite full of rushing rainwater from the
front of our yard which is up the hill.

I am so enjoying seeing the color green
instead of brown all around.  Winter
can start to get a little dull.

A friend shared her family iris
last year and they are lovely.
I have given away 14 boxes of lavender
 and purple irises, plus other things:
coneflowers, pink columbines and monarda.
When people see the FREE SIGNS they
take them quickly from the driveway.

I was so thrilled at the arrival of
 the new Victoria Magazine and also
 one of the new tea books that I love.

Victoria is always a joy to read.

I hope you continue in good health
and enjoy your time at home.  I am
praying for all the small business
people as I fear for there continued
existence during this time.  
Please say a prayer for them!

Friday, May 8, 2020


I feel terrible about what could
happen tonight in New England
which is a possiblity of snow.
Even here in Missouri it may 
drop very
close to a freeze.

I don't know what that might mean for
these wonderful stems of foxglove buds....
or these columbines I love:

Today I spent 2 hours cutting
back my forget me nots that were
already going to seed and then I
took these photos.

With the tulips gone - our garden
has slipped into a "purple" garden!

I am excited to see all the
peonies coming along next too.

I hope spring will be visiting 
you soon too
if it hasn't already come!


Sunday, May 3, 2020

MAY IS HERE for "Tea In The Garden"

 I decided it was time for a tea
time in the garden.  It is a beautiful
day and lovely weather. 

the recipe. Follow this link if
you would like to try them.

We have really enjoyed the
tulips and daffodils and
the forget me nots so far.  Now that
they are done it's time for
the irises to bloom
along with the lilacs,
and the alliums.

So, help yourself
 to some lovely
tea!  I have strawberry
jam and cream for your scone.

  I have too
many purple irises now so I
am giving some away.  I had
brought a few here in a cardboard box 
 from Colorado back in 2016
and they have really multiplied.

I think the peonies will be the next
blooming thing.

We recently spent quite a while working on
a dry creek drainage ditch because all the
rainwater comes down on the side of our
house and overwhelms the backyard.

It rained this week and it worked!  It was
full of water rushing down the hill.
Eventually it ends up in the drainage
creek in back of our fence.

This week our son came and helped us
do some heavy duty things in behind our
yard fence, clearing out the area by the creek.
He also cut down a large dead cedar which
was growing back in the middle of the
creek.  He hauled away many truck
loads of limbs and over growth.

And just so you can
see the scones that were
made with Sprite in them: