Saturday, May 30, 2020

LAST "Tea In The Garden" for May

Welcome to my last May "Tea In The Garden" which
I am squeezing in between rainy times.

 I am using the new blogger format and I can tell you I
don't like having to learn new things but that seems to
be the norm now - something new all the time that
we have to learn.

Please help yourself to one of these lovely scones
and a cup of  Yorkshire Gold Tea.  I baked the
scones using the small scone cutter and I think
I like this little size. I think they would be perfect for having
ladies for tea because of all the other goodies.  
 These are Lemon Cream Cheese
Scones I have often shared on my blog.  The 
recipe is at the bottom below.

We have basically been at home since March 25.  My
husband has eye doctor appointments once and month
and he has done the grocery shopping once a week
during the "senior" early hours.  I don't mind staying
home but I am praying our country can get people
back to work.  

As you can see, I am sharing some red transferware
pieces.  I love the Copeland Spode pattern and also the
Mason's Vista.

We are currently saying goodbye to our peonies.
The irises are now gone and of course earlier we
enjoyed the tulips, daffodils and alliums.  We still
have some alliums here and there and now we
have some roses blooming too.  Soon the Japanese
beetles arrive though and they are sure naughty.

Please help yourself to a lovely scone and some tea.
We have had quite a lot of rain which beat the poor
flowers down.  I have staked up some of them.

I may have shared this tea cozy before - she
is Queen Elizabeth - the daughter of King
Henry the 8th....

Last year I planted some Sweet William
seeds and so now I have more which I am
loving for bouquets.

My garden is so full that I dug up many things and
it looks better.  I think now I shall just maintain
a bit and of course I have planted some seeds.
Depending on how you count, my garden is 4
years old but really in a way it 3 because the first summer
was all about digging and digging all summer.

Some asked about the cozy - it is made in England from a company which (I think) is no longer in business:  Frances Worters - you can
find them on ebay, etc being resold

This is a time we are praying for our country,
leaders and a renewal of integrity in our country.

Lemon Cream Cheese Scones:
Mix these dry ingredients:  
2 1/4 cups all purpose flour, 1/4 cup sugar
 and 3 tsp baking powder
add to this 1/3 cup chopped butter and
4 ounces of chopped cream cheese
I used my mixer to beat this together and then added
1 egg and 1/3 cup of milk, plus 1/4 cup
lemon extract and the grated rind of 2 lemons

I rolled mine out and cut them with my smallest
scone cutter.  I sprinkled lemon juice and sugar on
the tops of the scones and bake them at 400 degreees
for about 8 minutes - convention (probably 10 minutes in
a regular oven  This made 18 small scones.


  1. Oh my!Absolutely wonderful!Your flower arrangement in the milk glass vase is stunning...What an adorable pink transferware teaset,made me swoon!Gorgeous tablecloth too,a work of art.I would love to have tea with you at your paradise garden!Hugs and blessings.

  2. Bernideen, what I'd give to sit with you in your garden and enjoy a cup of tea, conversation and one (or two or three) of your delicious scones. I'll be copying that recipe for sure!
    I agree we need to heal as a country, and pray daily for our leaders and our citizens for peace.
    Bless You!

  3. Such a beautiful tea in your garden. Love that red transferware. So beautiful. Our peonies are just opening wide but only the red ones. The white and pink are still tight. It's so good to be praying for our country and leaders. Happy end of May to you.

  4. Bernideen, you are getting different flower color now. I see blue and
    red. That looks good with the lovely tea set. For a young garden, your
    entire yard is just magnificent to see. We had rain, too, and this morning
    it is only 40. What up and down weather. Won't the world be glad when this
    virus is more under control and life can get back to a bit of normal.

  5. A lovely tea in the garden. The scones sounds delicious. No I don't like learning the new format on blogspot one bit. Whenever I see Sweet Williams I think of my grandfather, William. Lovely! I came down with a cold on March 5th, so mostly I have been home since then, but starting to venture out just a little bit. I do walk in my neighborhood most days. I always enjoy stopping by your garden here online.

  6. Tour garden is beautiful, Bernideen, and your bouquet is stunning. I love red transferware, and your pieces are so pretty. I’d love to have a lemon cream cheese scone and a cup of tea and gaze at all the beautiful flowers in your yard.

  7. I forgot to mention that I love the serving piece that is holding the scones.

  8. Happy June 1st Bernideen!! Your garden, tea setting, and bouquet are gorgeous as usual and your scones look delicious! Miss you! xoxo

  9. I can't believe your garden is already 4 years old. It seems like just last year, you made your move. Everything is so lovely, I just let out a big sigh....when I visit your blog. So pretty, and your Queen Lizzie Tea cozy is to die for. Did you make her?

    Hugs and loving your gorgeous garden. Sandi in Chicagoland. I'm still waiting for my Peonies to Open...sigh, I can't wait!

  10. What beautiful photos! Seriously, this is so much more satisfying than the stack of magazines I just finished flipping through!


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