Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I always say just make sure your post
has something tea related in it and that
will be the case for me today....
look for the "tea cozy".

Our spring is running a little slower
this year than two years ago when
we came and it had been a short winter.
We have been told we could see
some snow later this week - ugh.

Outside the little Goldfinches are
looking very spring like....

 So even if it is chilly and damp outside...
I have these bunnies and chicks and
Easter things to enjoy in here.

The basket below holds things I purchased
and some eggs I made in the 70's but the
best treasure is that egg bank that was 
passed around at my son's baby
 shower some 43 years ago.....
but where did all that
money go that was in it?

as we celebrate!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WAITING FOR PANSIES for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Are you looking forward to spring pansies?
I know we are!

We were out yesterday changing our
bird feeders.  We removed 3 regular
feeders and replaced them with
the squirrel resistant type.

I also saw a little of the  earliest
 signs of spring.

We aren't there quite yet though and
I long to see some pansies so for
now I replaced the violet items in
my armoire with my pansy pieces.

I was surprised I didn't have more
pieces and only two teapots.

Little Pansy Faces
a Poem by Marilyn Lott

When I see those Pansy faces
They always makes me smile
In spring they are so welcome
And I look at them awhile.

They snuggle in with others
And play so nicely too
Ah yes, little Pansy faces
I will be glad to share with you!

I do recall finding this one
 at an antique mall in
 Higginsville, Mo
last year.

I can't imagine crocheting these
old pansy doilies that I love - when
they are certain themes and colors:

And I do hope the pansies will be here soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


If you've seen the movie "Becoming
Jane" then you know a little something
about Jane Austen's relationship
 with the Irish fellow Thomas Lefroy
 and maybe you are the one who
 really knows the answer to the

With Saturday being St. Patrick's Day
I thought it best to stay on this journey
of Irish tribute and tea time - at least 
for this blog posting.

I do love the clothing of this Regency Period of time.  Do you? The Regency styles remind me of the sewing I did in the 70's when we wore those puff capped sleeves gathered at the top and then drawn in and went down tightly to the wrist.   The empire style had a lovely raised waist.  That sure brings back memories!

Yes, this photo from 2010 in my shop
brings back memories of a Jane Austen
 Tea Event.  I am retired now and both
 of these ladies (Elizabeth and Katrina)
 are now married and 
 Elizabeth on the left has 2 children.
   These young women were delightfully wonderful!

As you can see we have some lovely Irish
Raisin Apple Scones and you can find
this recipe - HERE.  I suggest a little 
more sugar - maybe 2/3 cup.

This tea cozy has Jane Austen fabric:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Yesterday I was sewing  and had a
great view of the outdoors.  
Suddenly, it began to snow so
I went upstairs to the main level
for a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea!

Doesn't hot tea taste wonderful
on a cold day?

Right here in the kitchen I
set up a little table.

I recently made a tea cozy using
some of the linen embroidered
napkins my Grandmaw made
for me almost 50 years ago.
Since there were 12 large napkins
I used the ones that had some
 stains and cut out pieces that
missed the stained parts.

This little topper was one of the
table cloths Grandmaw embroidered
and I have a larger one.

I also pulled out some fun
 Irish cookbooks to enjoy.

A local friend,  Karen,  sent
me this Shamrock cup and 
saucer recently:

I have shared several recipes over
 the years
of various Irish Scones and one
can be found here.

Monday, March 5, 2018


Just a few photos of my stall
at Midway in case you are
ever able to stop:

Someone left a comment on my
 Face Book Page "Bernideen's Tea 
Time, Cottage and Garden" that they
 thought it was messy and overcrowded.
  Well, stalls/booths are supposed
 to be crowded. That's the idea - 
to get as much into the
 stall as you can.

Late note:  Several have commented
 about the brown Sadler with pink roses. 
 I still have mine but also found this
 one to sell!

This is something fun 
in retirement!