Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WAITING FOR PANSIES for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Are you looking forward to spring pansies?
I know we are!

We were out yesterday changing our
bird feeders.  We removed 3 regular
feeders and replaced them with
the squirrel resistant type.

I also saw a little of the  earliest
 signs of spring.

We aren't there quite yet though and
I long to see some pansies so for
now I replaced the violet items in
my armoire with my pansy pieces.

I was surprised I didn't have more
pieces and only two teapots.

Little Pansy Faces
a Poem by Marilyn Lott

When I see those Pansy faces
They always makes me smile
In spring they are so welcome
And I look at them awhile.

They snuggle in with others
And play so nicely too
Ah yes, little Pansy faces
I will be glad to share with you!

I do recall finding this one
 at an antique mall in
 Higginsville, Mo
last year.

I can't imagine crocheting these
old pansy doilies that I love - when
they are certain themes and colors:

And I do hope the pansies will be here soon!


  1. Love your pansy theme, Bernideen! One day a couple of years ago, we were at the green house picking out posies and we were looking at the pansies when this salesgirl came up and said, "Oh, those sweet little faces! Don't they just look like they are smiling at you?" Then she stood there and shivered all over with excitement, giggling. I understood but Hubby thought she was a little strange, I think, by the look he gave me. It was pretty funny! We did buy some and they bloomed all summer. You have a lovely display of china and the doilies are really sweet! Thank you for the party.

  2. Love all your pansies on China Bernideen! The teacup you got in Higginsville is a beauty and so is that teapot (the chintz looking one)!! The pansy edged doilies look familiar...I have some my grandma made displayed for Easter too! xoxo I finally posted something on my blog, so hop, hop, hop on over! :)

  3. Hey Bernideen... What a lovely display of pansy china ...I do love those “ Happy” little faces... I , also enjoy seeing your sweet china amoire take on new seasonal looks .. this months' is especially cheery... I’m always drawn to the vintage pieces and swoon over all the Victorian eye candy ... somehow those pieces always have a story to tell... and I love the shape of the little creme jug ... I’m always on the look out for pretty tea strainers like your little porcelain one. Soon , you will be able to sit in your garden and enjoy your tea.... HUGS

  4. Pretty photos, Bernidene, and the pansy theme. Cute feeders too! But is so funny that they have to be squirrel resistant! I wonder how long it will be before they figure it out? xoxo Su

  5. You have such pretty pansy pieces, Bernideen, and I especially love the first teacup with the pansy on the sweet! Your shelves look so beautiful. I do love that crocheted piece, too. Pansies are out here in Texas right now, and many last through the winter. I don't dare plant them in the ground any more, because the bunnies have a meal out of them.
    Thank you for hosting and happy first week of Spring!

  6. Hi dear Bernideen!Thanks sincerely for hosting!Happy Spring to you!What a fabulous header...Your teacup with Pansies is just stunning!Great china as ever!Love the wonderful doilies too.Those figurines are gorgeous.Have a lovely day!Hugs!

  7. I love all your pansy dishes Bernideen. I found a pansy edged doily at a thrift shop this year. I must display it in a tea. Have a good weekend...

  8. I'm totally smitten with your pretty pansy teapot and colourful teacup with unique handle. The porcelain strainer is also really neat. Thank you for hosting and enjoy the first week of spring!

  9. I adore all the pansies! That teapot is wonderful. I would snatch that right up if I found it. Soon very soon you will be in full blown spring time. Enjoy!

  10. Happy Spring Bernideen,
    Your pink shelf and pansy china display have left me swooning! Oh that pansy teacup with the pansy handle is a treasure too. What a sweet pansy poem. I love pansies on my doorstep at this time of year. Spring is so beautiful! Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea! Blessings, Karen

  11. Who doesn’t love pansies! I especially love the crocheted doily. Think of the work...a labor of love really that went into that! And love the flower handled teacup. Perfect tea time for spring. So sweet! Enjoy your week, thanks for hosting and for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  12. What a fabulous collection of pansies! Surely spring is just around the corner.


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