Monday, July 27, 2015


I love old vintage linens and  doilies and keep them organized by season and theme.  I decided to pull out the strawberry ones and found I had several so I am enjoying tea time with them this morning in the garden.

My garden is bursting forth with Queen Anne's Lace and I am loving it!

I am sharing some Strawberry Buttermilk scones today.  Please have one and also pour yourself of lovely cup of tea.  The scone recipe came from The Smitten Kitchen Blog.  I did substitute buttermilk which I do a lot as it is cheaper than heavy cream.

You could make these scones yourself
 as they were easy to make!

Jeremy Fisher would love to
 help you make them!

I would never have the patience to this embroidery work.  I am not a long term project person.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A BOUQUET IN THE GARDEN for "Tea In The Garden"

Because of some very busy days, I am posting
 "Tea In The Garden" a little late:

Today is a beautiful day in the garden and I decided to make a bouquet for my blog posting.  I hope you can pour yourself a little cup of tea.

I am sharing a couple of my teapots:  A Sadler and an Arthur Woods.  I am sorry to say the yellow teacup and saucer have a problem.  I failed to "test" that one first and the saucer rocks terribly so please be careful.  My husband showed me the problem this morning that the saucer isn't flat on the bottom.  I think I have made about every mistake possible when looking over teacups and over the years I have missed chips and cracks and more.

I recently found this 1999 garden book and think it is wonderful:

I hope your summer is going well.  I see the naughty squirrels have been eating my Clematis Blooms:

I have shared before that this summer I am closing my shop after 28 years.  Things have gone really well and we are winding down our GOOB Celebration (Going Out of Business).  We are excited to be approaching retirement.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Today I am sharing some of the red transferware I have been collecting in several patterns.  I pick up a piece here or there when the price and quality are right.  I don't mind pieces with crazing but not so much the ones with brown stains.  I also saw a whole bunch at an antique mall but it was all chipped and stained so I passed it up.

I ordered my first (and maybe last) piece on on Etsy.  It was listed as red transferware.  When It arrived it was dark pink (not shown here) and lovely but really did not match the red.  I was disappointed that the lady listed it as red as I would have called it pink.   I am sure many of you have stories to tell too.

  I will keep looking and use this
 coffee pot for tea!

My favorite patterns in red are Mason's "Vista", Spode "Tower" and I also love  Enoch Woods "English Scenery".  As you can see I was out in the garden early as the sun was rising.

Last year we moved the bird house to the other side of our yard.  I am happy to see the Clematis beginning to climb back up it.  I hope you have a wonderful summer week.