Wednesday, April 17, 2024


 Things are moving along in 
the garden and the daffodils and 
jonquils are pretty much over.  We
also have said goodbye to many
of the tulips already.

What is happening now is the irises
are starting to bloom and the

And let's not forget the
forget me nots!

A few tulips are still
around to join the

Friday, April 12, 2024


We have been enjoying all the spring
flowers this year and certainly pansies
are always a special delight so it was
time for a pansy themed table

 A pansy tea cozy was needed
for the table.  This one is made
from an old table runner.  I
wonder who embroidered this old

The backside is just
as pretty as the

I was never what I call a 
term project" person.

I can only imagine the hours
spent on embroidery after
watching my Grandmother
sitting in her chair working
away.  Back in the 70's she gave me 
the ice tea glasses on the table
which were from the 50's.

The plates with pansies on them are
Crown Dorset from England.  The pansy
teapot in the center below is a
Crown Dorset also.

I also collect violet tea wares and
actually I have more of those
pieces collected.

I love old linens and appreciate the
skills and patience of those who
left them behind for us to enjoy.

When we think of spring there
is a succession of how the bulbs
bloom and flowers arrive but
truly everyone loves the
arrival of pansies.

I am hoping to get back out
in the garden for another
tea time vignette.

This tea cozy is not for sale.

Monday, April 8, 2024


 I was all enthused about setting up
a little tea in the garden vignette
yesterday but with wind gusts of
25 miles an hour I was afraid of some
tea flying disaster.

Fortunately, today the winds
 died down and the weather
 is just perfect but it was also
the solar eclipse day which
took place while I was taking
my photos.

This year I have been watering my
garden a little each day.

I was thrilled when some
primroses returned.

I was also glad to see a return
of many formerly planted bulbs.

I do love setting up these
little vignettes which I have
done for many years now.

Today I used my yellow chintz
tea set which was the type
sold by Victoria magazine
many years ago.

I hope you have a lovely

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Saturday, March 30, 2024


 Well, I tried something different
this year by watering my garden
earlier on days when it was in the 
50's.  Yes, I see the bulbs blooming
 earlier than in the past. We didn't
 have much winter moisture. 

Right now I am in a pattern of 
watering just a little each day
unless it were to rain.  I am also
moving some forget me nots around
from an area where they are thick.
I find they are movable early on
but not later, especially if it gets
hot or if they have reached the
blooming stage.

I am thrilled to see many tiny
Hellebores plants coming up
underneath the large plants.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2024



Greetings from chilly Missouri.  I
believe most of the country is still
chilly these days.  I have been shocked
that in spite of the cold, we have had
an abundance of bulbs blooming in
our yard.

I recently found some old vintage
Laura Ashley fabric to make this
tablecloth for our Easter table.

The fabric has a lot of bold drama
which is a little different than what I
might usually choose.  I am using some
old vintage "English Abbey" dishes by
Taylor & Smith of West Virginia.

A close up of the dish setting:

We celebrate our Lord every day 
but also love this special time
of Easter when we focus on the
price He paid to forgive us for our
own sins and then His resurrection 
from the dead.

Happy Easter!