Tuesday, July 9, 2024


 We have been having some rainy
days and also flooding.  The Missouri
River is up really high.  It seemed
like this might be a perfect opportunity
to reset the dining room table with
my Old Country Roses dishes.

My husband and I went to a few
antique malls recently and I was
fortunate to be able to find another
etched water glass at a great sale
 price to replace one that I had
 knocked over.  I do break things
and I try to always take this in stride.
After all, it isn't life threatening and
I would rather use and enjoy my 
pretties than hide them away.

I was so happy that our lawn mowing
was timed in between rains.  You know
that situation I am sure!

This was the replacement etched
water glass I was pleased
to find.  It is called "Meadow

I love linens and fabric napkins.
When we lived in Colorado I found
this old compote here joined with
extra napkins in it:


I hope your summer is going well.


  1. A beautiful way to spend a rainy day. It looks so cheerful. Nice find on the water glass. I believe we should use all we have and not
    save it just for a rainy day.

  2. The table setting is charming and I love your new etched water glass. Such a pretty pattern.


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