Tuesday, April 16, 2013


There are messes everywhere at our house. The shabby chic painting mode continues.   Last night I painted a gold lamp Vintage White and this little cup and saucer wall rack on the wall below was brightened up with Vintage White.  I even painted a gold cup and saucer stand too.  I am the Distress and Wax person and sometimes the first coat of paint person. My husband is a good painter. 

We are in week 4 of painting antiques, picture frames and anything that doesn't move and still on the main level of our house.  The kitchen is grand central painting station and today my husband begins on a buffet we refinished 44 years ago.

Today I am using my table by the window to
enjoy a cup of tea .  There is a light sprinkle of snow on the ground and after I took these pictures it started snowing even more.

My primroses are still blooming.  I love them.  This pink table topper was a recent find with embroidered clover on it.  Like many of you, I adore vintage linens.  The little teapot and cups and saucers were some I shared recently.

My prayers are going out today to the people who have experienced this horrible event in Boston, those who have lost loved ones and those many patients in the hospitals with injuries.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Wishing you a good Monday morning.  Yesterday afternoon after church my hubby and I headed up to Denver to escape the routine.  He has been painting at the house for days and we needed a break.  As I have shared, we have been repainting many pictures and antique pieces shabby chic using Vintage White and Portland Rose. 

 Our house looks so much lighter.  We have been getting rid of the things we don't want anymore.  Below is a bargain oil painting we found yesterday for the kitchen so I took down the larger one and moved it to another room.  We had given this a quick coat of Vintage White paint last night and waxed and buffed it.

Also "new to me" is the Staffordshire English Teapot
 below that I thought was very sweet:

And for those HOPEFULLY soon to be garden florals, I found 2 pink vases.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have a few more "Shabby Chic" items to share today - things that go on the wall!    We have lots of  furniture pieces in the works yet to share but for today I am sharing some mirrors, the stained glass framework and picture frames that got painted.

This large mirror in  the dining room up above turned out just the way we wanted, also the antique stained glass piece that hangs in the window and the frame on the faux oil picture on the wall (End of The Dinner Party) and the frame on the rose oil painting over the buffet in the kitchen.

I have to tell you something funny.  I bought this mirror below around 1976 when it was white.  Later we painted it gold - now here we are turning it Shabby Vintage White again. 

 Also a tip for mirrors:  you have to ALSO PAINT the inner back circumference of the frame with the same paint several inches from the edge all the way around because after putting the large mirror back in the frame  we realized the mirror reflects that area about 1" and if it is dark or another color - it shows that in the reflection.  Who would have known?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


At our house we have a clutter everywhere because of projects going at many levels at home.  It might even snow today - or rain or snow?  This would be wonderful as watering restrictions officially kicked in yesterday because of the drought.

This what-not-shelf to the left in the collage below is the second one my husband just finished doing shabby chic Vintage White.  Now there are 2 - one on each side. The stained glass is missing from the window because it is in the assembly lineup.

My curiosity got the best of me
to see how some tea wares and
china would love with the coming
lighter look.

I had to take select photos this morning because I meant what I just said - their are pictures off the walls, mirrors off the walls and pieces of furniture at various stages sitting around.  As many of you know - Shabby Chic has finally arrived at my house.  It is a WORK IN PROGRESS. 

 I did get Mr.  Bunny out of the basement
 and put him on the buffet.

Monday, April 1, 2013


I have to admit - I love my "new" shabby chic pink kitchen buffet (some say sideboard).  I have also found pleasure in staring at the lilies blooming in the arrangement on it.

Now that we are on a painting "roll" we are learning some things many of you already knew.  One example:  facing the challenges of working with mahogany turning it shabby chic......more to come on that note.

I love how my tea wares show up
on the light background of paint