Sunday, February 28, 2010

Returning to History in Virginia Part I

Last week I went "home" to visit my elderly mother and step-father in Virginia.  I flew into what I had always known as the Patrick Henry Airport but now called Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg Airport.

My birthplace, Hampton, is known as the oldest continuous English speaking community in our nation.  It was Blackbeard the Pirate who ravaged the shores of Hampton, Virginia in the 1700's.  As a warning to other pirates, his head was put on display in Hampton after a battle with the Royal Navy in Okracoke Sound in November of 1718. This year Hampton will celebrate 400 years of history!

On the lower peninsula, we drove north on Route 17 passing York High School where I had attended from  grades 7 to 12 during the 1960's, graduating in 1966.  York County was originally established in 1634.  Next, we headed north across the York River at Yorktown.  Remember this is where the Revolutinary War ended in  1781 when Cornwallis surrended to George Washington.  Then on to the middle peninsula.....Gloucester, Virginia which is 359 years old.....
I have never lived on the middle peninsula which is called Gloucester but I will be sharing some photos for the next few days and talking about my visit there!   I hope you enjoy these photos of the Vrginia State Bird, the cardinal....                                          

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pink Saturday and I am Going "Home"!

Let me wish all my Pink Saturday blogging friends a very happy day and say...I will not be posting for a week....I am flying "home" to Virginia for a week to visit my elderly parents....will be back later!

In the meantime ...these are my old plates I have on the counter in my kitchen! You can visit other Pink Saturday participants in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness  at and also visit Chenoa's Pink Saturday post  at

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tea Chandelier

Turn your chandelier into something really fun....hang cups in assorted sizes from ribbons and even old silverplate would be darling hanging from ribbons in your color choice! This is in the window at my store - but you could do the same thing in your home!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tea Quote

Afternoon tea was started by Anna, seventh Duchess of Bedford, in the nineteenth century.  She invited guests for tea and sweets in the afternoon to help fill the long gap between breakfast and dinner.  Soon this became tradition in England and North America.
From 365 Things Every Tea LoverShould Know

Monday, February 15, 2010

Try Some Heart Shaped Pu-erh Black Tea

You probably already know that most of the oldest tea in China was formed into "bricks" which could be transported easily and pieces broken off as needed.  This little heart shaped pu-erh tea brick is just enough for 1 cup of tea! It is so cute!

50 hearts come in a tin for $14.95 which comes out to about 30 cents per cup of tea.  These are perfect for spring tea parties!

We purchased these hearts in bulk quantity and separated the broken ones so if you are the store at 1-719-447-8844.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photo Gallery of our Jane Austen and Elizabeth Bennet Tea Event February 13, 2010

Bernideen's was thrilled to have a dramatic presentation by Katrina Harris (right) who portrayed  the author, Miss Jane Austen and Elizabeth Simpich (left) who portrayed Miss Elizabeth Bennet one of Jane's characters from her book "Pride and Prejudice".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pink Saturday With King Henry's Maids of Honour Tarts

Today is Pink Saturday so we are celebrating with tea and tarts......
It is believed that King Henry VIII named these lovely tarts over 300 years ago.  Legend has it that when he saw Anne Boleyn and other "maids of honour" eating them, he decided that  the recipe be kept a secret.  Most all secrets have a way of escaping and by the early 1700's they were being sold at a bakery in Richmond, England.  Robert Newens opened the Maids of Honor Tea Room in l850 and relatives from the same family continue to bake and run the tea room today.  This information and the recipes were taken from "The Great Tea Rooms of Britain" by Bruce Richardson (now in it's 5th edition) which is sold at Bernideen's.

I hope you will visit others who participate in Pink Saturday at  and also link to:
Marian at
For another post on the teapot pictured above with the 2little girls, see my 1/14/2009 post on the Friendship Teapot.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All Is Quiet With Winter in The Garden

This morning it was quiet in the garden....

The squirrels still asleep in the tree.....while  Mr. Peter Rabbit was chilling out dreaming of the glory of a summer garden!

What a peaceful...quiet place

Mrs. Tabitha and Jeremy Fisher  felt the earth  at rest...waiting...waiting....for the coming spring!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Always Time For Chocolate and Tea!

I have been craving my lovely chocolate cake (the one I featured before on this blog) so I made one this week....

This "A Raspberry In Paris" Rooibos Tea has no caffeine and tastes delicious. We had ordered some new teas at the store and they all are divine.  Rooibos is actually not from the Camelia Sinensis bush so technically  not "Tea" in definition.   It has many beneficial health components such as iron, polyphenols, zinc, fluoride, calcium and magnesium.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Back and My Ill Computer Is Better! And We Have A Winner!

Well...I'm so glad to have my computer back and be able to announce the winner of my Valentine Friendship Give Away!
The winner is Marilyn at Colorado Heart Song Recipes.....

Marilyn...please contact me with your address ASAP so I can get this in the mail to you....

Thanks to all of you who have waited while a terrible Trojan was removed from my hard you have extra Anti-Virus protection on your computer?  It is a MUST HAVE regardless of your computer brand! Life is a challenge my blogging friends!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello to All My Blogging Friends!

Have you ever gone to a blog and they start telling their story about how their hard drive has crashed, etc. we are!
I will be gone from this blog for about a week - I wish I could say I am in the Bahamas or something really exciting like - I'm at the Empress Hotel having tea......but my computer got a "Trojan" and became ill....
So I will return the meantime please enjoy some of my old entries here but dropping down to the right for the categories!
I will return!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tea Quote

Children of all ages will love jam tea. Place a teaspoon of a favorite jam in the bottom of a tea cup, pour prepared hot English Breakfast tea over the jam, and stir.  If more sweetness is desired, add a bit of sugar and top with whipped cream.

from 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know

Monday, February 1, 2010

Because You Asked - Valentine Items are for Sale!

Several have asked if I sell the Valentine Figures ...YES is the answer. Above.....Heart Face Lady  9 1/2" tall by Debra Schoch $24.95 and to the right...Valentine Clown 10 1/2" tall by Dee Faust $31.95    Late note:  Sorry....I just sold the last of the Heart Face Lady in response to this post.

Delux Heart Lady above 14 1/2" Debra Schoch $64.95

Call the store if you want us to ship....1-719-447-8844