Tuesday, November 25, 2014


When I think of how creative God was to design four totally unique seasons, I am just amazed.  I also know that we were created in His image and when I see how creative my blogging friends are with ideas and inspirations - I marvel!  Just about the time we start to get a little bored  with things - God moves us on to another season. 

 This week I was looking at my 1992 Victoria book "The Heart of Christmas".  This book would inspire your creativity for the holidays.

  I think I was ready for winter this week.  The last two nights it has been snowing  here in Colorado.  Fall is over.  Actually winter doesn't officially come until December 21st on the calendar but it is here in terms of the weather.

Please pour yourself a cup of tea in this Old Country Roses tea cup.  The chintz Old Colorado Roses pieces are items from the past and are English.  When this Victoria Book came out jewel tones and Victorian decorating were all the rage in the early 1990's.  Some of you will remember the way this buffet used to look before hubby painted it shabby chic Vintage White.

These past months, I have enjoyed my fall decorations but now it is time to pull things out for the Holidays!  Do you do the same thing every year or do you change things up a bit?  Don't you love it when you open some boxes of decorations and see something or several things that you found last year on sale and tucked there for this year?

I still remember the first time I opened
this book and was swept away in awe
of all the Victorian decorating.

Monday, November 17, 2014


A pile of magazines has been accumulating lately on a chair at the kitchen table.  Time just flies by, so this morning I thought I'd take a peek at some of them.  If you get English Home Magazine you know that at this time of the year they publish an extra Christmas "booklet" full of recipes and ideas for the Holidays.  This is my 5th year to receive the booklet which I just love and look forward to reading. Of course, it only comes at this time each year.

I have said this so much lately, I apologize but I wish our Thanksgiving was in October like the Canadians.  November 27 is just so late. 

 I purchased my turkey last night and have to decide what all I want to make but for sure Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecans and Coconut on top.  Many Americans pull out their Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving Day afternoon.

Please pour yourself a cup of tea and let me show you some wonderful Holiday ideas in these publications.

Monday, November 3, 2014


You and I can take a break from
 all this work and have a lovely cup of hot tea!

Over the last year I have found a number of these old afghans at bargain prices and this one was calling my name.  I cut some of the ones I found up to make tote bags for my shop but this one was a keeper.

I am sharing a Colough and a Sampson Smith cup and saucer from England and some little French plates with roses:

Definitely very colorful and fallish.