Friday, March 31, 2023



Today I decided to set my hearth dining
room with some pansy dishes and
a Spring/Easter table setting.

Today was one of those odd times
we had sunshine and rain at
the same time.

I can't wait to actually go buy
a flat of pansies for my garden.
Hopefully, next week that will

And welcome to our front door:

Tuesday, March 21, 2023



I am sure you already know that
different seeds attract
different birds to your yard.

In the case of bluebirds, one needs
to buy a bag of bugs (yes, meal
 worms) to attract them.
They are not seed eaters.  I never
would have believed I would be
buying a bag of dead bugs but we
sure have enjoyed seeing the
bluebirds come and go this winter.

I might mention that when filling
the bluebird feeder, I try not to
stare at the bag!

Thursday, March 16, 2023


 Our March has been flying along
 so it's time to have a nice
cup of Irish Breakfast tea 
and take a pause in this day. 

I still have a vase of dried green
hydrangeas from last summer.

I have shared the tea cozy I made
years ago with my Grandmother's
linens she embroidered for me.  There
were quite a few napkins so I cut a 
couple of the stained ones up.

I pulled the March issues of the older
Victoria Magazines to enjoy:

A cup of hot tea and an old Victoria magazine
make for happy moments for sure.

We might get some snow tonight which
is no big thing compared to what many
of you have experienced lately.  I went
 out and took a few photos of some of
the bulbs that may not be so happy
about the snow.

I make collages for by Facebook page
but don't usually share them here so
today I leave one with you: