Tuesday, March 21, 2023



I am sure you already know that
different seeds attract
different birds to your yard.

In the case of bluebirds, one needs
to buy a bag of bugs (yes, meal
 worms) to attract them.
They are not seed eaters.  I never
would have believed I would be
buying a bag of dead bugs but we
sure have enjoyed seeing the
bluebirds come and go this winter.

I might mention that when filling
the bluebird feeder, I try not to
stare at the bag!


Lynn said...

I buy meal worms year round. It has kept our pair alive and nesting in our yard for 8 years. Of Course, the pair may not be the same birds, but still.
Right now they have already laid their first nest of eggs! And with morning temps in the teens this past weekend, I was worried, but she is still sitting in the box. The goldfinch here have not started turning yellow yet. I see you have some that are really along with their color. Lynn

Hill Top Post said...

We love our blue birds so guess I need to buy a bag of bugs. We put up another nesting box a few weeks ago and moved two others to better locations. I am already seeing activity around the boxes.

Debby said...

Oh, how I enjoy the birds in my own yard. Beautiful post.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I bought a bag of the dried mealworms, but have never seen a bluebird yet. Other birds eat them, though. I also bought a finch feeder and finch blend and have never seen a goldfinch either. I do see house finches and chickadees though.