Monday, June 29, 2015

AFTER THE HAIL for "Tea In The Garden"

Last night as we returned from a day in Denver, Colorado there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  We didn't have a camera to take a photo but just admired it.  As we pulled into our driveway things suddenly became rather nasty as it hailed quarter sized pieces and larger.  We had just moved a lot of things in our garage blocking our route into it so we couldn't pull the car in.  It was scarey to say the least.  As you can see, the leaves were brought down by the hail.  In past years smaller hail did more floral devastation.  I was surprised what survived.  You can see plenty of leaves brought down by the hail........

The door that stands as you enter the garden will need to be tossed soon or repaired.  After all these years it is starting to come apart at the window panes.  Welcome to the garden!

It is a beautiful Monday morning but also holds a possible promise of more rain,

Do pour yourself a cup of tea!

These are busy times for us as we are having a  "going out of business" sale for my shop.  It is exciting to be retiring.  We are calling it a GOOB CELEBRATION.  After retirement we have a building to sell and house to fix up and sell.  We will eventually move to Columbia, Missouri to be near family.

I am hoping some of you who tea blog will join in my blog party below!  I will be sharing at these other blogs:

Monday, June 22, 2015

A PURPLE SETTING for "Tea In The Garden"

A good Monday morning to everyone after Father's Day!  And a purple morning it is. I wish I could go cash in all the money plant I have pulled out of my garden.  I would be rich as this year plants came up everywhere from the scattered seeds.

It was windy outside this morning.  I am sharing an old Arthur Woods teapot with you.  Do you think the flowers are Clematis?  I'm not sure.  Well - Angela at Tea With Friends solved the mystery by leaving a comment and here is a link to her 
azalea cup and saucer that matches.

This morning as I walked around I saw a number of bulbs the naughty squirrels have dug up.  I am not happy.

Today is "Tea In The Garden" and a blog party for all tea lovers who post about tea.  I am also sharing at other parties:

I hope you have a lovely week now that summer is here.
LATE NOTE:  I sold this teapot at my shop!

Monday, June 15, 2015

NATALIE'S BIRDHOUSE for "Tea In The Garden"

Last week one of my customers gifted me with a 
darling little birdhouse teapot or I guess I should call it a
teapot birdhouse.  Thanks so much Natalie!
  I will miss her but always think of her when I look at it!

I don't want to pretend all these flowers suddenly bloomed in my garden.  Sunday I was at Lowe's and they had their gallon perennials for just $4.00 for the day.  I loaded up the SUV as they were the nicest plants I'd seen in town.  My own delphiniums were coming up nicely but not yet blooming, so now they are multiplied.

There were lots of shadows in the garden
 this morning as the sun came up.

Today I am sharing two of my beloved teapots. 

 I love the romantic floral ones.

I hope you can join me by posting something
 about tea at the bottom of this posting.  Would you be sweet and include a link to this post on yours?

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First "TEA IN THE GARDEN" for 2015

We had record breaking rain during May and June has been much the same.  It rained last Sunday leaving a soaking lawn that already needed mowing so I am just posting this today.  I was determined it should be "Tea In The Garden" as
 I usually start this up in May.

One thing has definitely changed:

You can see - the garden is very green.
  The plants are up and growing up just not a whole 
lot of blooming yet!

Today for "Tea In The Garden" I have set up a little table and decided to go with colors which match the old quilt on the bench.
  Please pour yourself a cup of tea.

Some of you will recognize the yellow Sophie Chintz teapot by Sadler.  I sold these at my shop about 13-15 years ago but I never kept one which I later regretted.  Sunday afternoon I found one for $20.00 at an antique mall.  I was thrilled as that was much less than I usually see them priced.

Last week my grandchildren were here and we had such fun. We went to the Colorado Springs Zoo and other places.   My son and daughter in law camped with other friends in the mountains in the snow.  They are outdoors people and love camping and fishing.   I was amazed that there were no flies at the zoo and it is on the side of a terraced mountain which is wonderful.  I have enjoyed seeing so many of your grandchildren on your blogs so here are mine.   This was just a statue outside the elephant area.

I am so excited that soon (after my shop is closed later this summer) I am really going to have the time I need for blogging and so many things that I love.

If you are a tea blogger and have a post about tea - please link at the bottom and it doesn't have to be in the garden.

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