Monday, June 15, 2015

NATALIE'S BIRDHOUSE for "Tea In The Garden"

Last week one of my customers gifted me with a 
darling little birdhouse teapot or I guess I should call it a
teapot birdhouse.  Thanks so much Natalie!
  I will miss her but always think of her when I look at it!

I don't want to pretend all these flowers suddenly bloomed in my garden.  Sunday I was at Lowe's and they had their gallon perennials for just $4.00 for the day.  I loaded up the SUV as they were the nicest plants I'd seen in town.  My own delphiniums were coming up nicely but not yet blooming, so now they are multiplied.

There were lots of shadows in the garden
 this morning as the sun came up.

Today I am sharing two of my beloved teapots. 

 I love the romantic floral ones.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First "TEA IN THE GARDEN" for 2015

We had record breaking rain during May and June has been much the same.  It rained last Sunday leaving a soaking lawn that already needed mowing so I am just posting this today.  I was determined it should be "Tea In The Garden" as
 I usually start this up in May.

One thing has definitely changed:

You can see - the garden is very green.
  The plants are up and growing up just not a whole 
lot of blooming yet!

Today for "Tea In The Garden" I have set up a little table and decided to go with colors which match the old quilt on the bench.
  Please pour yourself a cup of tea.

Some of you will recognize the yellow Sophie Chintz teapot by Sadler.  I sold these at my shop about 13-15 years ago but I never kept one which I later regretted.  Sunday afternoon I found one for $20.00 at an antique mall.  I was thrilled as that was much less than I usually see them priced.

I am so excited that soon (after my shop is closed later this summer) I am really going to have the time I need for blogging and so many things that I love.
Late note:
I later sold that Sophie Chintz teapot
as sometimes is the case!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


About 4 years ago I was doing a post for this blog and accidentally dropped my Alice In Wonderland English Teapot.  The right side edge where it was scalloped was chipped off.  I did something that I know I shouldn't do.  I moved the teapot on a warmer on a tray without lifting it off first.   Crash!  It sat down in the basement until recently when it was called to my attention that the "Doll Doctor" Marilyn could fix it since she was a porcelain artist.  I am so excited to share my repaired teapot today for "Friends Sharing Tea".

As you can see you hardly would know it had a big piece missing all along the upper right rim of the teapot.  I thought she did a wonderful job.  Please pour yourself some tea and enjoy one of the cinnamon rolls.  

I am also letting you know that I hope to begin "Tea In The Garden" by next week.  This week it is finally warm here in Colorado Springs.   We set a new record for rainfall in Colorado as it rained at least 25+ days.  That meant there is lots of snow on top of Pikes Peak.  I hope by next week the garden will bloom for our blog party.

I am also sharing a wonderful book (now produced by Benjamin Press).  This is an older copy so expect a different looking cover on a new one.  There are lots of tea party ideas for children in this book by Dawn Hylton Gottlier and Diane Sedo.