Thursday, December 19, 2019


Yesterday my Missouri friends
 and I got together for a progressive 
luncheon.  (Janice came up with the idea)
We started a Gina's lovely Victorian
home with true Victorian furnishings
(Karen, Janice and Gina above while
I am taking photos)

At Gina's we had lovely hot cider and appetizers.....

We so admire all her lovely things.

There were lots of beautiful trees to view:

This is actually me at my house which 
was our second stop.  My hair has very 
recently grown  back after experiencing auto
immune alopecia areatia in the summer
of 2018.   I now have grey hair and was
told not to use coloring but I am just
glad to have hair and put the wig away.

And the ladies:

I fed them the savory part of our lunch and 
forgot to take photos of course!

Now on to our French loving gal's house:

Janice's living room is formal and she loves to make things down in her basement "where I create room":

We exchanged gifts and enjoyed
celebrating Karen's December birthday:

Karen collects lusterware like
Tasha Tudor had and Gina
gave her some for her birthday:

We were very happy to consume
1/2 of Janice's delicious coconut cake:

Such a fun day!


  1. What an enjoyable day I had with you all. The food and friendship was and is the best for sure.
    Thanks for sharing pictures

    sincerely Janice

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate and what lovely treasures!

  3. Precious time with friends...Unique!How mouthwatering that cake is!Greetings and Happy Birthday to Karen.

  4. I have always wanted to do a progressive dinner...this looks like so much fun!


  5. You three have lovely homes and how fun to have a progressive dinner and see all the Christmas decorations in each house. That is happy news about your hair growing back.

  6. You’re all looking so festive and beautiful. The homes are lovely. I’m going back to take another look. Hope that you made plans for more teas and gatherings.

  7. My goodness, so many beautiful trees in gorgeous homes with such lovely ladies! And your hair looks great!
    Thanks for sharing this special luncheon, as well as the posts of your sweet decorations.
    Merry Christmas,

  8. Oh, Bernideen! What a lovely lovely day - and so special to meet up with blogging friends. I wish I lived there, too.

    The day was magical - and I bet everything was truly yummy!!!!

    I "met" Janice through Stephanie's Tea Cup swap a few years back.


  9. Such wonderful way to enjoy each others' company and to see
    the beautiful Christmas decorations that each of you have put out.
    Merry Christmas, Bernideen. Looks like your gift is your hair is
    back and looking lovely.

  10. Looks like a lot of fun, Bernideen! That cake looks amazing. So glad your hair is growing back, an answer to prayer for sure. I have had hair thinning and all my labs were good except my vitamin d was low. Drs. really couldn't offer much help. I changed my shampoo, I am on an androgen blocking med, cleaned up my diet and now take more vitamin d, selenium, zinc, biotin. I just went online and viewed a bunch of youtube videos about hair loss...unfortunately it's pretty common. I am losing much less hair now, not sure if it's because of all the measures I took or it was going to happen anyway. Anyway, I am grateful. I do realize that your type of hair loss is much different. Glad for answered prayers!

  11. What a fun day for you all! I loved seeing your homes decorated for Christmas. So good to see Gina again. I miss her blog since I love Victorian so much too!

  12. Wasn't that a wonderful way to spend time with friends?? You all look beautiful and I know you all had a fabulous time. Merry Christmas, Bernideen, and your hair looks so pretty!

  13. I love that way of celebrating together. Not sure if I could convince any of my friends to do it, but who knows. What fun! Loved each of every home you visited including yours.

  14. I had a memorable day with my three Columbia Tea Party Friends. When I visit your homes I am so inspired when I come home and this visit was no exception.
    It is so much fun to have afternoon tea in a beautiful cup and share thoughts and creative ideas with such talented and caring Christian ladies. Thanks
    for blogging about our day.

  15. It was such a fun day with you ladies! What a nice post you put together, your photos are always so well thought out! Love it!

  16. You girls had such a good time! What fun to come together at each other's home and celebrate a birthday. That cake looks delicious and the gifts are wonderful treasures. It must be lovely to go on these outings with your blogging friends. I'm happy for you! Merry Christmas, Bernideen!

  17. Hi Bernideen,

    What an enjoyable day for you all and what Wonderful friends you have! That cake looks scrumptious. I think you look beautiful with your hair the way it is. I hope you stay healthy! Merry Christmas Dear Friend! Blessings, Karen

  18. Bernideen, it's been many years since I participated in a progressive dinner. What fun! Love the look of Janice's coconut cake--and I recognize that silver pattern. I'm so glad you got your hair back, and it looks gorgeous--no color needed!


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