Thursday, August 5, 2010


Here is an idea of what can be done to turn an old cup and saucer into a pincushion.

Measure the diameter of the top of a cup and add 3/4" more around the your own selection of fabric matching the colors of the teacup and embellish the fabric as on ribbon roses, do stitching, sew on tiny antique buttons...but don't go close to the edge!

Form a very firm ball of polyfill in your hand which will go into the circle of sure and use plenty and press down in the cup making sure none comes out around the fabric.  Center this carefully.  Glue down inside making sure that the glue does not show!

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This teacup pincushion was purchased at the Hollyberry House in Old Colorado City!


rose marie said...

Hello, your work in that cup is beautiful, it looks delicate and have given details about a romantic touch. Very beautiful post, Rose Marie

Angela McRae said...

This is one of the prettiest teacup pincushions I've seen!

Kom Achterom said...

What a nice teacup!!
the colours are beautiful
i wish you a verry sunny week

Martha said...

How cute and how clever! Perfect for those odd teacups -- especially really inexpensive ones at flea markets!

Linda Jennings said...

This is a very nice teacup pin cushion!

kimberly shaw said...

Your pincushion is adorable. Thanks for sharing how to create one. These would make pretty gifts, too. I'm looking forward to seeing your tea with the 24 ladies. I hope they like my recipe cards. You're sweet to share them.

I've had such a wonderful visit here. Your Queen Anne's lace is so pretty in your garden. Your garden has sprung back nicely after the hail. I especially loved seeing your pansy tea set on the charming cart outside. The pansy doily is divine.

I should have a post up about your shop on my blog by Monday. What a busy time I've had lately and haven't even been able to stroll through blogland. Thanks for your visit!

parTea lady said...

That teacup pincushion is very pretty. Wish I had time to make them as Christmas gifts for my Quilting Bee friends.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

HI the pincushion teacup--it is very pretty and oh so dainty! Love all your delicate handiwork/laces and embroidery.


Ro said...

That is such a great idea! I think it would make a perfect gift and plan to try one right away. And I love the embellishments you used. Very cool! :)

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2020 said...

So very lovely Bernideen! I love tea cup pincushions! I'm getting ready to make candles in tea cups for my Etsy store. I love anything with tea cups!! :)