Wednesday, May 29, 2024

HOLLYHOCKS for "Tea In The Garden"

 Do you feel how quickly time is flying
by these days?  I can hardly believe
the Hollyhocks are blooming already.

We have had a really beautiful month
of May and loved the fact that rain
came along.  The hollyhocks are now
blooming so I set up a little tea in
the garden to celebrate.  Please note
the table topper I found late last
summer which is a hollyhock embroidery

A while back I bid on some lovely
remnants of old velvet and I am
now just getting around to using
some.  My tea cozy is a rich purple
and black and definitely so much
more like the way velvet used to be
back in the day.

As I cut some stems for my bouquet, the bees were not wanting to fly away from 
the sprays I picked.  

Here is a close up of the
topper embroidery.

These Hollyhocks are
all peach colored:

People ask me how I keep the yellow
fungus off the Hollyhocks.  I definitely
get it but just keep cutting off the bottom
leaves where the most appears.

I am very attracted to old linens....
are you?  Do you like English


  1. I wish I saw more hollyhock plants. So thank you for sharing these pictures. The flowers are so beautiful. And look at the hand work someone put on the table cloth. That took time and patience.

  2. Loving your Hollyhocks, they are the quintessential English cottage garden flower.
    Stunningly spectacular tablecloths, and presentation !
    Thank you for sharing, brings back so many memories of my gran's table-settings.

  3. Bernideen, I can't tell you enough how beautiful your space is. It all flows together perfectly. I like to think that you live in a fairy tale. Whether true or not, it always makes me happy..xxoJudy


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