Friday, December 17, 2021


 Yesterday, December 16,  I shared some
 photos I took in the historic Lafayette
Square area in St. Louis.
I have to say, this is one of
my favorite homes around
the park and square.

I am sharing these photos over
3 days because I took so many
 I am not an architectural expert but
 some of you might quickly identify 
the building styles from the details
 on these homes.
  I think the use of brick
has certainly led to their longevity.

I love the way the shrubbery is so
manicured on this home with the

And this house reminds me of a much
 larger version of the Molly Brown house
 in Denver, Colorado.

But on my goodness, as we came around the park square, here was another amazing
 brick one:

The details on this home are
so unusual and well cared for
and how fun seeing that white Christmas tree up in that window on this mounted
turret.  This house is right
on a corner.  

What a
here as
you walk 
up and 
enter those

There are so many Second Empire
Style mansions:

The house below is different than
all the others and always reminds
me of New Orleans:

I will save a few more photos
for day #3 and then I will be
done with our little visit.


Vee said...

Makes me want to see the inside. I imagine they are all exceptional.

Tammy H said...

Thank you for this lovely tour of Lafayette. You have such beautiful historic homes in the towns close to you. I enjoy riding along on your outings.😉

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour! How fun to see such delightful homes. V.