Thursday, December 2, 2021


 Time to decorate for Christmas and that
means getting out all the fun Nicol Sayre
and other artist's angels I collected
 for many years:

Our decorations haven't changed much over
the years but I did put some Hydrangeas in
the Christmas tree this year.  The stockings
I made from an antique crazy quilt back
in the 1970's are still a part
of the decorations.

I hope I have time to make some more Ephemera paper ornaments to add to
the ones I made the last 2 years.  Where
does time go when there are so many
projects to do?

This nativity is also Nicol Sayre's design:

We always look forward to seeing the
nativity my Mother In Law gave us years
ago and as I shared before, we had it
repaired back in Colorado.  It was
originally from Germany and as you
can see is very unique and old and has
waxed paper palm trees:

The Chandelier always
gets a few bulbs:

More t
o come......


Lynn said...

You can really add the sparkle with the ornaments on the chandelier. The antique German nativity is really a beautiful and meaningful focal point. I enjoy the tour of your decorations. I am trying to make one new angel for the tree this year, so far the head is glued to the body, lol. Now to get the rest of it going.

Tammy H said...

It's always a delight to see your Christmas decorations. They are stunning! The nativity from Germany is very precious and unique. Can't wait for part two of your decorations.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

All so pretty! I love all your little churches and angels. And that nativity is very special indeed. Beautiful. The chandelier looks so lovely. I get it really sparkles when lit up with the extra colors, etc. It's such fun to decorate for Christmas, isn't it? I don't do elaborate decorations, but what I do I love and enjoy and it makes the season "bright". Merry Christmas to you and yours!