Thursday, December 16, 2021


There is a lovely area in St. Louis that
has historic old homes and so many
have been restored.  It is called 
Lafayette Square and I have shared
it before several times.  Today my
husband and I enjoyed riding around
and seeing these wonderful Victorian

These homes are very closed together
but there are many streets of them. And
most had 2 doors on the front which were
very tall and unique.

I took photos of many of the doors.

I will share more photos
about this area on another day.

Lafayette Square Lafayette Square Neighborhood, surrounding Lafayette Park, is St. Louis’s oldest historic district. It began as a 30 acre park that was platted in 1836, making it the first city park as well as the first park west of the Mississippi. It was named to honor the Marquis de Lafayette, the popular hero of the American Revolution, who visited St. Louis in 1825. 

It is over 2 hours east of where we live.

I have been following a young man on YouTube who is restoring one of these
 Second Empire Victorians.
 He has taken on
an incredible project.


Lynn said...

What incredible works of craftsmanship. And of course the doors are unique to that era. We have some here that are the save time period and I love to drive past them just to get to the library. Thank you for letting me have a look at another place, and it seems you had sunshine, short supply of it here.

Tammy H said...

The houses are lovely and oh, what a magnificent nativity!