Wednesday, November 22, 2023


We will be driving to St. Louis for
Thanksgiving joining our daughter
in law's family.  I will be taking
some desserts so today was the
day to get that done. 

Those that have followed this blog
have seen these cookies before.....over
and over.

I got this recipe many years ago
from Bev Meller
in Colorado Springs.

here at the bottom of 
the page.

This week I made myself another tea
cozy using a piece of antique bobbin
lace I purchased many years ago. I have
been learning a little about the hundreds 
of types of antique lace by following
a site called "The Lace
Museum" on Facebook.

 Here is 
the back side of my cozy:

So - if you have a need for a
dessert - be sure and try these
cookies:  I got 42 medium large
cookies out of this batch.

And so I wish you all a very
Happy Thanksgiving and say
I am thankful to the Lord
for His many blessings.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Bernideen. The cookies look delicious. And your photos are very uplifting for the holiday.

  2. Oh my those cookies sound wonderful, and your cozies are the prettiest ever, Bernideen.


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