Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A BOUQUET for "Tea In The Garden"

Yesterday was a cloudy day which I am
learning makes it easier for photos.
It actually rained after these photos
were taken and a lot of rain is expected this
 week.  This has been a very rainy spring
 in Missouri, but I just saw a friend's
 photo of snow at her home today which is 
just a few blocks from where we formerly lived
 in Colorado Springs so - I shouldn't complain!

We are enjoying the peonies blooming
right now.  I made wire cages to go
around many, but not all of them and
the light pink ones seem to be drooping 
the worse.

How are your garden plans coming along?  I
have pulled out some things in my garden
as this year is was overcrowded in places.
I had no problem finding different things
for a bouquet today.  

I have really been enjoying
 looking out and
seeing my garden.

I hope you enjoyed our tea time in the garden!

Saturday, May 18, 2019


The peonies are starting
to bloom.....

By next week I imagine the
rose arbor will be lovely.....

I love the pink colors arriving in the
garden now:

A sweet neighbor made me a new

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Monday, May 13, 2019

A HAPPY SUNSHINE DAY for "Tea In The Garden"

It's a wonderful sunshine day and time
to celebrate the absence of continual
rain.  That rain did cause things to
grow though and the garden is
moving along with color.  So due to
 all the rain, today is only my second
tea in the garden for this season.

I hope you came prepared to be enjoy
 tea time because we are ready and
I will let you pour yourself a cup of
tea and please help yourself to
some Strawberry and Cream Scones!

Last month, when I had my first
tea in the garden this year, I shared a
purple butterfly quilt.  Today I am sharing
 another Butterfly one that I love.  

If you would like to make
 these scones
the recipe is here!
I used 1/2 cup milk and
1/2 cup heavy cream because
I did not have any buttermilk.

I found this sweet teaset
at a favorite antique mall
in St. Louis.  (Warson Woods) 
 It is English Chintz.  
The spout is chipped
and it shows lots of wear but
I loved it just the same!

I hope your springtime is coming
along!  I am very happy
to see sunshine again!

My tea cups are English!  

This is my 9th summer to share "Tea In 
The Garden" vignettes with you.  I no longer
 have a linky party but will continue sharing my
own posts throughout the summer.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


It rained all night and now it is
pouring and one wonders where
this is all coming from.  The Missouri
and the Mississippi Rivers are so full.

They say a garden is never quite the same
from one year to another and that 
makes sense because of weather
conditions, etc.  

These yellow irises are from
some bulbs I brought here 
in 2016 from Colorado. 

 I have
really enjoyed my alliums:

I am wondering now if they come
in other colors too.

I hope your springtime
 is coming along too!  I was able
to take these photos on 
Monday in between raindrops. 

Monday, May 6, 2019


After all the rain (and more expected) I am
happy to see the garden come alive!  I
have sure made my share of mistakes
in my garden but it looks like more has
worked than hasn't for which I am thankful.

The clematis in my front yard
is actually 3 different plants:

I love the alliums:

And another clematis in the back:

Yesterday I did a video of my garden and first let me
say I had no idea what I was doing.  It is
not professional but just
the same, I am sharing it if you
 are interested:

My Garden on YouTube!

Thursday, May 2, 2019


We are learning a new meaning to the
word "rain" here in Missouri.  There
has been so much since last week.
I do believe the garden would be
lovely if the sun could come out but
for now - that's not happening.

So I have been rereading the Victoria book:
"The Heart of England" and getting lost in
the wonderful words and enchanting views
with the text by Catherine Calvert.  This book
came out in 1999 and Victoria (Hoffman
Media) is getting ready to release a new
book which looks like it will be wonderful:

I can't wait to see this new book
above but in the meantime I have so enjoyed
the many chapters in the older one. 

 For example, I found these comments
 under the section "When
the Heart Comes Home":

"When it comes to furnishing an English
cottage, all must be happily haphazard, a
profusion of pattern and color that looks as if
everything came together by serendipitous
good fortune, which of course it did.  In
fact, true cottage style resembles a true cottage
garden in its chaotic and colorful jumble...."

These words cause me to remember back in the
 early 90's the tea room next door to my 
shop in Spring, Texas.  A British woman
 purchased an old rancher and she turned it
 into a tea room.  She had different floral
 wallpaper in many colors in the rooms.
  As she was working on it we took a peek 
through the windows one night and were  
shocked a the profusion of colors but there 
were no furnishing in it on that day.
  Later, she brought in the tables and chairs 
and little china cabinets and Viola!
It was very charming!

So if you long to be in England, love English
style, decorating or gardening or maybe even
 have already been to England or it's on your
 bucket list -
 I do recommend both of these books.

In the meantime - the rain held off just long enough
to catch a few photos of our backyard.

And from under the deck:

I am considering this a 3 year garden
even though it is my 4th summer.  I really
spent the first year digging out the lawn
all summer and although I did plant some
of the hydrangeas and peonies - wow - what a
battle just keeping them alive in this heat.
Then of course, I ended up having to move
most of the hydrangeas as I had them in
 too much sun, etc.