Thursday, March 21, 2019


I was going to toss these bunnies I have 
had since the 1980's and then thought "I
just need to redo them of course!"  I
also redid three eggs from that era
by recovering them!  They were very
bright foil colors before.

I especially loved the pansy one!

I admire the creativity of Wendy Addison
and ordered some cones made by her that
were resold on ebay.  Her shop "The
Theater of Dreams" is in Port Costa, Ca.
I really enjoy her Christmas and Spring designs
and her recreation of Victorian Ephemera.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


For quite a few years I have looked for a
Welbeck teaset or at least the teapot that
was sold through Victoria Magazine back
in the l990's.  Last month was my birthday
and we went to Kansas City for the day.  On
the way back we stopped in a small town
antique mall and look what I found:

I was beside my with happiness when I 
happened upon a booth with this set and
the seller had proudly displayed the
magazine pages where the Welbeck 
Chintzware was sold.  I got all the 
pieces above for $140.00.

Since it is the first "official" day of spring
I thought I would enjoy it in the kitchen.

When we lived in Colorado, there
was a woman who had a booth along
the feeder road flea markets in
Ft. Collins.  She wanted $150.00
for the Welbeck teapot.  I sure
wanted it but that was a lot of
money for me so I always looked
at it lovingly and passed it up.

Springtime is always a joyful
time to decorate with bunnies.

And of course pansies
are an expected item.

So how about you - are
you ready to decorate for spring?

Saturday, March 16, 2019


I recently worked on a dozen
crosses to give to friends and
share at my church.

I decorated a special bag for each one too!

As spring arrives I plan to be busy in the 
garden but lots of crafting has helped
 me survive this winter.  If I didn't enjoy
hobbies, tea, sewing, baking, etc 
 - I would be very bored!

Friday, March 15, 2019


Yesterday I made some paper shoes.  
I had seen the ones in the current
issue of Victoria Magazine so I was
inspired to try some:

They were definitely not an easy
project.  I didn't have a pattern so
I did a lot of guessing.

My labels reads "Victorian Ephemera
for the 21st Century by Bernideen".

For this project - I sewed quite a 
bit of the paper.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Now that we can smell the air and
sense that off in the distance there
is just the slightest whiff of spring,
let's celebrate with a cup of Irish
Breakfast tea!

This was the coldest and snowiest
 winter for us since we moved to Missouri 
3 years ago.  So, we are ready for spring.

In the past, I have shared this doll which
 I purchased in Toronto, Canada back in 
the 80's and also the tea cozy I made
 from my Grandmother's napkin's she
embroidered for me when I got 
married in 1968.

This Irish Shamrock decoration was 
made by my friend Gina.  I have been
enjoying it in my kitchen window.

Monday, March 4, 2019


After making some Ephemera
 ornaments at Christmastime and quite
 a few cards at Valentines Day, I have
 gotten even more interested in making  cards, ornaments,
 decorations, etc.

A friend here gave me the base
"postcard" decorations above which came
from the Hobby Lobby so I embellished
them a little more.

My tea lady friends as we call
ourselves here in Columbia love 
doing this too but we all put different
 styles together.  As you can see I
have been using my kitchen
table to cut things out over this
snowy weekend.  Now that the
tea is over - time to move this
back to one of the larger tea
tables which do come in handy!

Last week I spent 3-4 hours designing various 
sayings in English and French to put on
 cards, etc.  Of  course, then they have to be
 copied and pasted to print them in a variety
 of font sizes.  I didn't like all of  them
 all afterwards,  but for me I don't think 
of it as a waste of time because that's
how I learned to do something new.

Of course - this artwork all focuses on 
Easter.  Last year  a friend gave me
the little basket ornaments for my 
birthday and the above 2 postcard
type pictures.  Now I added another
and put all on a star wreath I put
together for Easter:

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Saturday, March 2, 2019


A few months back, the Children's
Director at my church approached me
 about borrowing my tea room.
Since they are from my church and
the date was open,  how could I say
 no to those sweet mothers and daughters. 

I let the committee in several times
 this week to set the tables, do their
flowers, get a plan and figure
out their format for tea time. 
 It was held early on Saturday 
because everyone wanted to move 
on to their busy day.

For me,  I helped in the dish washing department at the end
 of the tea. Since they are my teacups
 and teapots, etc. I thought
 maybe I would jump in.

I hope you enjoy the photos of
the room.  I am not sharing photos
of the children for privacy reasons
but will tell you this table was
where girls sat who came here
from Rwanda and several were
born in a refugee camp.  They
were totally awestruck!

Teapots and Afternoon
 Tea Trays were
used at every table.

I do have permission to share
this photo of the director and
her daughter:

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


About this time every year I bring
 up all my violet china pieces
because it's time
 to think about lovely violets!

I have a February birthday so
I have always loved violets.

I remember as a teenager,
  going out on a cold day in 
Virginia and seeing violets
blooming under the leaves.  I had
a flower bed around an old
tree stump.  My family never spent
much money on plants or seeds for
flowers but rather we dug things
up that we found in the woods.

If you love to decorate for different
seasons you know that putting things
away can be quite a job too so I am glad
 that the New Year and Valentine
 decorations are all packed away.

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