Tuesday, December 3, 2019


I found another small piece of Pierre Deux
purple toile fabric I was thrilled to be able
to make a few more cozies.
click here if interested!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Today I was looking back at some old photos
from when I first started blogging in
2008 (wordpress blog) and did a post
of these photos.  The first is of the painting

The next one was a reenactment for
an old 1987 Country Living Magazine:

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving
this week which comes rather late !  I am
so thankful and blessed to have food,  a
warm house, clothing and I am grateful to
the Lord for his many blessings!

Monday, November 11, 2019


I have many new tea cozies
listed on my Etsy page - I hope
you can check them out!

Saturday, November 9, 2019


For a long time I have wanted to visit
the London Tea Room in St. Louis.

When my friend Janice's November birthday
arrived, I wanted her to get to go to an 
Afternoon Tea.  Here's the birthday girl:

We found the London tea room to
be in a charming old building in St. Louis.

  With an Afternoon Tea Tray you eat
 from the bottom up so first there
were 3 savories. Lower plate: a chicken 
salad croissant, cucumber sandwich and
 salmon sandwich.  The scones with clotted
 cream and strawberry jam from England
 were on the middle plate and the top held
 4 desserts:
chocolate mousse cup, treacle tart, 
a macaroon and an orange madeleine.

I have given Afternoon Teas myself so I
 appreciate all the work that goes into this 
variety of finger foods.  I was dressed a
bit silly and fun for the occasion.

We were seated in a large lovely room
in the back and the front is reserved for
walk-ins who order pastries, tea and
there is a gift shop area.

I hope you will take time to check your
area and see if someone serves Afternoon 
Tea.  Yes, at first you might think it is
 more expensive but when you understand
 how special and unique the experience is - 
it can't be compared to lunch in a restaurant.
 (do I get an Amen from the tea room owners?)

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Here are a few fall touches
 at our cottage home. 

 It is impossible
not to have a glare on that print
because it is such a dark color - even with
no lights on it reflects other things in
the room.

I also look forward to the upcoming
Christmas decorating but for right
now we love Thanksgiving which
is November 28th!

Some older green Waverly
fabric was found online:

I did have some of my own real
bittersweet in the garden and then
also, a (fake) garland for the porch
entrance from Kent's:

Saturday, November 2, 2019


I would love to have you check out my tea

Also cups and saucers and teapots, etc:

Sunday, October 27, 2019


I follow our local weather with a  
10 day extended forecast and I noticed
that today there might be weather in
the 60's so I got everything ready in hopes
 of doing one more "Tea In The Garden" -
taking advantage of the late afternoon

I was surprised to find some flowers 
still in the garden - at least enough
 for this bouquet.

I recently noticed this Game Series Spode
 set was used in the humble hearth kitchen
 of the Drew family (Tim and Margie) 
who were tenant
farmers as part of Downton Abbey.

Some people dread cold weather but
I do appreciate the 4 completely different
seasons here in Missouri.  This week our
temperatures are going into the 40's.

I chose some fall tea wares to
enjoy today!

I have my Downton Abbey cookbook out and
looked for a recipe for Potato Leek Soup
although I wouldn't do it cold as suggested
by Arsene Avignon, the Sous Chef at the Ritz.
Remember during the class with Alfred he asked
the students what the name was changed to and
Alfred did not know the answer (Vichyssoise).

Our butterfly bushes were loaded with action
today.  They have continued to bloom because
I deadheaded them all summer.

I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

Thursday, October 24, 2019


So out in my front yard I had one area where
I had not finished digging out the lawn and
 putting in the rest of the flower garden.  I
look at these photos and can't believe it took
me several days of digging this out.  Now we
need 30 more of those cement decorative
blocks to put around the edges and bark.

I extended this area away from the pussy willow. 
It was only 40 degrees outside
today so
I am glad to
get this done.

Of course now
I must go get the cement border pieces and
the mulch.  The real work was picking out
the BERMUDA grass the neighbor planted 
which has come into our yard.  That grass
is horrible and I don't like it!

Isn't it easy to put things off?  I sat on 
myself this week as I find every year now
physical things become harder.  So, it was
do it now as next year it will just be harder.
I am thrilled to get this digging done. I could
have never done it if I hadn't been walking
an hour each day for the last year.

I left the center open so my husband can
drive his mower through easily.

Three weeks ago a naughty man drove up
in the truck and parked in front of
our house at 4:33 am. In the dark, he stole
 my grey wheel barrel which I now realize
 I should not of left outside the garage.
  The neighbors video camera across the street
 caught him from  several angles but then -
 there must be a million trucks like his in
 this town. So we had to buy new wheel barrel 
which is easier to push really with two wheels.

By the front door walk: 

I have 2 butterfly bushes still blooming
only because I deadheaded them this summer.

Perhaps you have been in the
 midst of some
fall garden preparations too.

Monday, October 21, 2019


Like some of you, my husband and I
have been rewatching the television
series of Downton Abbey.  I found one
of my favorite spots in Season Four which
happens to be the Dowager Countess
 beautiful garden.

  I saw on line where the house is in real
 life "Byfleet Manor" in Surrey and is for 
sale or at least was for $6.12 million.

I took these pictures with my camera but they
are of my television set as of last night!

I was very sorry the scenes took but a couple
minutes and this lovely garden was not really
shown that much.  I would have loved to see
more.  Too bad Isobel Crawley
didn't ask a few questions and let Violet 
expound on her knowledge!

We do see some lovely flowers just the same!

I wish they had sat down on that bench for tea!
Then there was the sweet young man who wanted
a job helping the garden - thank goodness!  

Well, at least we know that the Dowager liked:

Alliums, delphiniums, hydrangeas,
poppies and what else do you see?