Monday, December 16, 2019


Hello again on Monday morning.

I will share some more of the photos I
took yesterday and this "new to me"
English Currier and Ives teapot I
recently purchased.

Someone here just might remember back
when I found this old lithograph in
Fort Collins, Colorado years ago
and shared it on this blog.

Here is a close up of some of the
very old vintage and antique
garland pieces on the tree:

I have a mess in my basement right now as
I am making 5 ornaments and a topper to
add to my Christmas tree.  Glitter abounds on
the tabletop and floor.  I also have some
serious preparations to do as some friends
are coming over Wednesday for our "progressive luncheon" to 3 of the homes.  Our 4th lady friend lives in Fulton so she is joining the rest of us.

Yes, I am a bit of of a teapot queen as of 
late as I acquired these 2 teapots too.
One is a Jackfield English teapot on the
top with a gold painted deer and the
other is a commemorate 1897 Queen
Victoria Jubilee teapot from England.

My kitchen window and our
recent snow yesterday and today:

So I hope you are enjoying the season
and all the blessings of baking,
decorating and fellowshipping!

And take time for tea:


  1. Gorgeous pictures!Stunning teapots too. Merry Christmas,dear Bernideen!

  2. Just lovely! Those teapots are special!

  3. I always love seeing your beautiful Christmas decorations!

  4. What a gorgeous teapot, and paired with your wall art it is just perfect.
    You have so many unique and special decorations Bernideen, I can only imagine how magical your home is, especially at this time.
    Wishing you and yours, a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with much love, happiness and peace.

  5. Your decorating is lovely, Bernideen. Love the chandelier. Hubby won't let me decorate ours because it cuts down on the light when he is studying. Love the German Nativity too. The Currier and Ives teapot is a beauty! Nice find! Everyone teases me about my teapot fetish. Unless one collects teapots, they don't understand, do they? I enjoyed your photos. Merry Christmas, Bernideen!

  6. Such a great time of year for us to share and exult Christ.


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