Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last week I went "home" to visit my elderly mother and step-father in Virginia.  I flew into what I had always known as the Patrick Henry Airport but now called Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg Airport.

My birthplace, Hampton, is known as the oldest continuous English speaking community in our nation.  It was Blackbeard the Pirate who ravaged the shores of Hampton, Virginia in the 1700's.  As a warning to other pirates, his head was put on display in Hampton after a battle with the Royal Navy in Okracoke Sound in November of 1718. This year Hampton will celebrate 400 years of history!

On the lower peninsula, we drove north on Route 17 passing York High School where I had attended from  grades 7 to 12 during the 1960's, graduating in 1966.  York County was originally established in 1634.  Next, we headed north across the York River at Yorktown.  Remember this is where the Revolutinary War ended in  1781 when Cornwallis surrended to George Washington. 
 Then on to the middle peninsula.....Gloucester, Virginia which is 359 years old.....

I have never lived on the middle peninsula which is called Gloucester but I will be sharing some photos for the next few days and talking about my visit there!   I hope you enjoy these photos of the Virginia State Bird, the cardinal....                                          


  1. Interesting history. Love the photos of the cardinals. We have several in our backyard and they are always such a joy to watch.
    Patricia :o)

  2. Thanks so much for the cardinal pictures and bit of history. One of my favorite winter poems to share at school is about that beautiful red bird. Glad you are back, safe and sound.

  3. Welcome back. I enjoyed the history and photos of the cardinals.

  4. Oh, what beautiful cardinal photos!

  5. The history was fun, especially about Blackbeard. I had no idea he lost his head ravaging the Americas.

  6. Hi Bernideen! I didn't know you were from Hampton!! OMGosh!! I'm from the Va Beach area too! We live on the other side of the state now, but I miss the ocean. We try to go back a few times a year.

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful cardinal pictures! I had five males and one female feeding late afternoon yesterday. What a glorious sight!


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