Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I hope you have been invited to someone's home for a Valentine Tea - if not - why not go out for tea and support your local tea room or invite some friends over and have a tea yourself!  Your friends will love you!

This morning I took a few moments and set my dining room table for tea:

Several years ago I sold the bone china tea set with the hearts - but sadly they are discontinued and no longer made.....  it was called "Lucy's Love".  A friend said she
found some at a Home Goods Store a
few years ago.

The little heart plates are also no longer produced.  If you see one sometime in an antique mall - grab it! They were made by THT which stood for Tender Heart Treasures which was a popular company importing from China back in the early 21st century.

Gather round the table here..............


  1. Bernideen, your table is lovely all set for a Valentines Tea. The heart plates are so pretty! I have a teacup which matches your hearts pattern. Enjoy your day.


  2. Ah, your tea table and all of the hearts made me smile! I love the little tea towel with its sweet embroidery!! :)

  3. Hi Bernideen,
    Your tea settings are always with outstanding china. So the heart design on ea pot and tea cup is just perfect for Velentine's day. But the heart shaped plates are too cute. You have so many nice things for tea. Thank you for giving us always new inspirations.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  4. My little granddaughters would LOVE that!

    I posted pictures last Sept. of our visit to a tea room when we got together for vacation.

    The adore tea rooms and especially love it when there is some whimsy. :)

  5. Oh Bernideen, this set is so lovely and the heart-shape plate - so sad they're not made any more. Your table is so romantic...what a lovely Valentines tablesetting! Thanks for hosting!
    Hope you have a fantastic week,

  6. I love your table! I have a Teaset much like the Teapot on your table.

  7. Your table looks stunning, Bernideen! I love the Valentine teapot and tea cups, and the heart-shaped plate - beautiful! When I get a little less busy, I'm going to regularly get myself into your Weds party!

  8. Hi Bernideen: I love your table-setting. It looks so inviting and such a happy place to sit and enjoy your company. I love dropping by to see your new tea settings. Always so pretty. Hugs, Deb (Ontario, Canada)

  9. What a darling table setting for a Valentines Tea. Love your heart dishes. I have very few valentine pieces, maybe I should start collecting! Just noticed your lovely corner curio cabinet. I had one just like it but gave it away. Wish I still had it now!
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  10. Hello Bernideen
    Everything looks so pretty for your Valentine's tea. I'm hoping my DH will take me out for tea to celebrate.
    I wasn't able to post for tea this week as we were enroute for our vacation.

  11. Loved everything about your lovely table, but I especially enjoyed that calm and beautiful music while I was looking.

    Very nice, and thank you for the tea party link fun!!!!

  12. Howdy Bernadeen. I don't have a party to share, but sure think yours is gorgeous!
    Absolutely lovely.

    Have a sweet Valentine's Day,

  13. Your tea table for Valentine is BEAUTIFUL! Great idea to have a friend for tea --- you've got me thinking. And I love your header! Very sweet! Happy February!!!

  14. Hi Bernideen,

    Your Valentine's tea table is so beautiful. The "Lucy Love" china really caught my eye. Thank you for hosting our tea party.

  15. What a beautiful Valentine tea table. Those heart shaped plates are so pretty and I love the tea towel with the cute teapot. Sorry about the double link.

  16. As always...simply beautiful...would love to have tea with you one day! Donna

  17. What a charming table you have set! I love all those Valentine's teawares and will definitely have my "tea radar" tuned in if I should come across such great pieces in the future!

  18. I love your Valentine Tea-scape. Love the Valentine people! I'll be on the lookout for heart plates ... yours are lovely. The tea towel is calling my name ... I love embroidery. Thank you for inviting me to Valentine Tea!


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