Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This morning I was in the garden and found some of my first spring flowers:  Tulips, Daffodils, Forget Me Nots and Lunaria blossoms.....  Before you get too excited - I pretty much got it all!  We still have along way to go in Colorado!

I had been looking at the Spring 1988 issue of Victoria which features Anne of Green Gables.  I love the story of Anne and I know many of you do as well! 

I have collected several related books over the years - some were past items in my store.

 The first flowers to appear in my garden were the Forget Me Nots and I so love their delicate little flowers.  Time to learn to grow them although we don't see them much in Colorado.  I have watered my garden this winter faithfully.  That is a "must do" in Colorado and especially since we didn't get as much snow as needed.

I love the older issues of Victoria...I
love that they went to Prince Edward
Island and did this special article:

The Anne of Green Gables 
dolls are so endearing...

I love Ina Garten's Lemon Bars
Recipe for sure!


  1. Loved your PERFECT tea party.Thank you for the joy.

  2. wonderful and memorable post, Bernideen, as i've lived on anne's island, walked the paths, saw the house, etc especially loved the lupins blooming in wild abandon! TY for posting this ;)

    i have a creative teacup share today~ a bit unusual but definitely FuN!

  3. When I was a little girl, I loved books of Anne of Green Gables. When the television series began I fell again! The Laura Ingalls and Little House on the Prairie are my favorites. It is a wonderful time to be able to pick up flowers from the garden. But of course, I had snow yesterday, so the flowers in my garden was covered. Very cute tea set. I wish you a nice day! Zinnia

  4. I adore Anne of Green Gables and have longed to go to PE Island for years and years... perhaps someday!!!
    Lovely post and thanks for allowing me to join in the fun!

  5. Good afternoon Bernideen,
    Loved your tea today! Anne is always a favourite with me and it brings me such pleasure to see your tea revolving around her. Prince Edward Island is lovely this time of year and very soon the tourists will begin making their trek here.
    Your lemon bars look good even though you're not happy with them!
    Thank you for sharing a lovely tea and enjoy the rest of the week.


  6. Bernideen, you have way more flowers in bloom than we do. Daffodils, but no tulips yet. Your bouquet is pretty.
    The Anne dolls were well made to represent her, weren't they? Even grown up girls still like to watch the movies or read the book.

  7. I'm also a fan of the books and movies about Anne! You have a nice little collection of items of and about her. As far as your bouquet of flowers, what a beautiful display of color!! Can't wait to see what other floral samples you'll have from your garden, as the season continues!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  8. Hi Bernideen,
    what a luck, you have the first fresh flowers in your beautiful garden. The bouquet is amazing, when I think you had recently snow. Your tea time is as interesting as always. I love to see the doll and books of Ann of Green Gable. And I am sorry that your lemon bars didn't turn out as wanted, but they look delicious. I wouldn't mind to snack them all. Thank you for this delightful tea time and for hosting this nice event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. I love Anne. I have a cookbook, too but it's her "Aunt's" -- good simple recipes -- I should look at it again for I've not cooked anything from it yet!!! I should especially look at the tea food!

    One thing when we were up that way we didn't go to PEI and that is one place I would like to go!

    It's a great post -- sorry about the lemon bars -- hopefully, I'll have better luck with my dish from the book that I have.

  10. Beautiful post, Bernideen.

    Oh how I loved AoGG when I was a little girl. I sitll have the book my Mom gave me, signed inside and dated.

    I want to read that again very soon.

    Lovely post and wonderfu linky party, thanks for hosting!

  11. Hi Bernideen!

    So delighted you stopped by and I'm excited to be able to have more free time for blogging so I can visit, too! I'm hoping to be posting more - and will be joining your tea link-in parties each week. I linked in last year with your garden teas and was always so inspired. Working on our garden plans even now.

    Oh - and Anne Shirley is a kindred spirit to be sure! Thanks for sharing from Victoria's back issue about her. A great article! Perhaps someday I'll get to visit Green Gables in person!

  12. Hello Bernideen,
    I adore Anne! The story is one I can revisit over and over - I LOVE the oldest issues of Victoria - so ethereal in their photography and stories - lovely collection! I would love to visit Prince Edward Island - on my bucket list as they say! Thanks for hosting and being such a Delight!

  13. Hi Bernideen, Just this morning I watched the movie Anne of Green Gables, the continuing story. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's a tear jerker set in WWI.
    I had seen the other two "Anne" movies last week and this one was my favorite, but all were good. Your post was so timely for me. Thank you for sharing and I'll see you for tea again next week.

  14. What a lovely post featuring Anne of Green Gables. I'll never forget as a youngter reading about how she tried to dye her red hair and it turned green and some of her other mishaps. :-)

    Your doll and the teawares are so pretty.

  15. Love your post, love Anne of Green Gables, love old issues of Victoria! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  16. Love Anne of Green Gables. Your bouquet with daffodils and forget me knots is just beautiful.

  17. HI Bernideen! This is my third linky party. Thank-you for having the Anne Of Green Gables tea party. You never out-grow her. Your green tea set is darling! I do have a question for you...I can not find your e-mail. Denise from

  18. My goodness, I was just this weekend reading about "Anne of Green Gables" recipes in an old Victoria magazine! But interestingly, I was reading the April 1991 issue! Great minds ...

  19. I enjoyed seeing your Anne of Green Gables tea again, Bernideen. I loved the movie so!!!

  20. Beautiful flowers! I am an Anne of Green Gables fan. I adore the movies. I tried reading the books, but couldn't really get into them.


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