Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Good morning on this beautiful day
and welcome to my "Tea In The Garden".
We have time to enjoy a cup of
tea this morning and see how the garden
is coming along.

This is when the columbines
bloom in Colorado and they
are the state flower.

I love making bouquets
and especially if I
have some more
interesting flowers.

I am enjoying my little garden so much.

If you live in a condo or an apartment with a porch or patio - you can create your own little garden there too!  Those wooden barrels can be filled with dirt and you can turn your own little area into a personal paradise!  What a nice place you will have to escape from the pressures of life with a cup of tea and a nice book to read!

My hubby helped me cut off some of the lower limbs of the Colorado Blue Spruce so that more light can come in now.


  1. GorGeous Garden TeaTIme, Bernideen!
    i love everything ! the floral bouquet in the round glass vase is luxurious loveliness!
    the violet teapot is a treat and the teacup set is amazing! i would luv to know what pattern and maker is you have a minute to add that..
    and ooo the trouble you went to getting it posted! i know exactly how that feels ! thankyou for persevering :) ! it's ALL WORTH IT with the loveliness you've shared to inspire us today... THANK YOU!

  2. Your tea in your garden is as lovely as ever, Bernideen!

    I REALLY love that china - a pleasure to see it outside in such pretty landscape!

    I think that's brilliant about cutting your tree up a bit - so you may enjoy more shade underneat but open it up to more light for the garden at the same time.

    Sorry I was unable to do anything tea today - just no time this time and it was so HOT earlier - now we have more milder temperatures I hope to at least get some photos taken soon.

  3. Bernideen, your flowers are lovely and I love your pretty china! It is such a pretty pattern. It's raining cats & dogs here today so I will have to share my tea post from this week. Hope that's OK.


  4. Your garden looks so inviting. Amazing flowers on your table in my favorite array of colors. Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful post Bernideen! Your flowers are beautiful and your tea things are so lovely. have a nice day.

  6. Ohhh, the flowers, the tea set, the linens, the yard.....can I just come over and play there? :) beautiful.

  7. A beautiful bouquet of your lovely columbines, iris and clematis. The small dishes in the shape of butterflies are lovely. The fact that they have a pretty pattern with violets do they even cuter. I worked in my garden all day. with long pauses with tea so it was a pleasure. Your cup with gold decoration and violets are so elegant. The porcelain in white and purple so well against the white cloth with pink flowers. I wish you a great week. Zinnia

  8. Your garden photos are lovely, Bernideen - not only the flowers, but the tea time scenes as well. My hubby power washed our patio last week, and will bring up the patio chairs, etc. soon. Then I will be able to participate in "Tea in the Garden." I don't have a green thumb like you and so many others who post but I do have day lilies -- they seem to survive no matter what! ;-)

  9. Everything looks so lovely! Columbines are one of my favorite flowers. My sister and I just went to an antiques barn today. I agree about getting lost in one!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Hi Bernideen,
    the violets on the tea pot and the cup matches nicely. The china ist so pretty as your garden is. Thank you for sharing and for hosting this wonderful party.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. Hello Bernideen
    I'm late joining the party, I spent the day with a friend at a distant garden centre and out for lunch.
    Limbing up the blue spruce was a good idea and it still looks great. Your tea table is so pretty and the bouquet stunning in the pastel colours.
    My fellow Canadian bloggers out east are getting rain and we're desperate for some in Ontario.
    Always a pleasure to join you for tea, thanks for hosting.

  12. Your flowers are blooming in all my favorite colors. They are the same ones I have been planting in all mt pots.♥♫

  13. What a gorgeous teapot, so pretty and the little side dishes. Your flowers are beautiful too. I thought I was the only one that has trouble posting. Thank you for sharing...

  14. A lovely tea and I love your tea things and the flower bouquet is beautiful!

  15. Bernideen, Your flowers and your teaset are just stunning! I love the columbine.

  16. Your garden and floral displays are beautiful. What a perfect place to relax with a cup of tea and a good book.


  18. Beautiful as always...with love Janice

  19. Bernideen...your garden is so pretty! I love your photos. The little butterfly dishes are so sweet.

  20. Your garden looks so lovely! I love all of the purple flowers-the columbine is so intricate. You arrange everything so beautifully. Hope you got to sit a bit and enjoy.
    Appreciation from the far end of Long Island from
    Ruthie at

  21. Hi Bernideen,
    No, I think I'm the worst when it comes to blogging. I still don't have a side bar - too afraid if I do something there my whole blog will disapear!!
    Anyway, that said, I love your outdoor tea parties. You gave me the inspiration to start my blog.
    Your teapot, teacup, and butterfly dishes are so lovely and go so well with all your late spring flowers. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. What gorgeous colors in the clematis and foxgloves and irises and ... those things I don't know what they are (columbines, maybe?). I love seeing all those rich purple and lavender colors together!

  23. Wow! what an enchanting flowers is this. How I wish my garden have a flowers like this in our home but I think its impossible. This is one of a kind. I like also the tea pot and Having a tea in a gorgeous garden like that would make you feel great. A lot of thanks and God bless.

    Zummi |


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