Monday, April 15, 2013


Wishing you a good Monday morning.  Yesterday afternoon after church my hubby and I headed up to Denver to escape the routine.  He has been painting at the house for days and we needed a break.  As I have shared, we have been repainting many pictures and antique pieces shabby chic using Vintage White and Portland Rose. 

 Our house looks so much lighter.  We have been getting rid of the things we don't want anymore.  Below is a bargain oil painting we found yesterday for the kitchen so I took down the larger one and moved it to another room.  We had given this a quick coat of Vintage White paint last night and waxed and buffed it.

Also "new to me" is the Staffordshire English Teapot
 below that I thought was very sweet:

And for those HOPEFULLY soon to be garden florals, I found 2 pink vases.


  1. Everything looks so pretty! And your new teapot is so lovely!

  2. Lovely Bernideen. Can't thank you enough for the email!!! Love the new watermark! Isn't it fun??? I love your new color scheme. So pretty!

  3. Beautiful dear Bernideen, such great finds! I also love your pretty new teapot! Have a lovely week.

  4. You have found some lovely new treasures Bernideen! The rose painting is so beautiful.
    I also loved seeing some of the painting you have done in your home. Your home is gorgeous and I love all your special touches.

  5. Hello Bernideen,
    I love the rose print you found and those pink vases are lovely! The teapot is very pretty too.
    I wish we had access to the shops you are able to find.
    I am going to get my son to open an acc't for me on eBay when he comes home in the summertime so I can get some pieces I want. There is not much to be found around here. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with me at my cottage and have a beautiful day.


  6. What beautiful finds - but I especially LOVE those vases - so pretty!

  7. The floral decoration on the English teapot is very pretty, and the vases are cute too.

  8. The teapot and rose picture are lovely additions.

  9. Beautiful teapot..and those drool over..

  10. Oh, my! I love the teapot AND the two pink vases! You found some real treasures.

  11. I'm still enjoying all your lightness you've added, dear Bernidenn. You find the prettiest things! The teapot and the vases are beautiful.

  12. Everything looks so pretty Bernideen. You are doing quite a transformation!

  13. What fun you are having, amidst all the hard work. And it all looks lovely
    We will have spring, we will have spring, we will have spring. I sound like "The Little Engine That Could"

  14. Oh, you are a lady after my own heart! I would SO have purchased every one of those new treasures. Glad you found them and they have a beautiful new home.

  15. I will join you shortly as I have a coffee cake in the oven:-D What a lovely display of china and even if it's still chilly outside, your place looks so cheery and inviting, XOXO

  16. Hi Bernideen,
    your home is a house of roses. I love that. All looks beautiful.
    Best greetings, Johanna


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